Official Girl
by Cassie

(Ft. Lil Wayne)

Intro: Angel, and tha Clutch
I miss you gurl, i miss you gurl
imma make you my official gurl

Cassie: Listen, today makes it a year,
Don't chuu' think it's time you made
it clear ?
You gotta get on your biz, tell me what it ain't
or what it is, I can handle it
I've had it up to here i don't wanna pressure
you dear,
I've sent back to back dudes away from my door,
Thinkin' i was spoken for, not anymore.

Chorus: I'm tired, i'm tired, i'm tired
of being your, (your) unofficial girl(unofficial gurl)
And i'm tired,im tired, of tryin' i'm still your(your)
unofficial girl,
You've gotta learn to laugh, you gata learn to love me in the light
and tha dark, you gotta gimme, gimme all ahh your heart,
I wanna be your (be your) official girl,(official gurl)
I said i wanna, wanna, wanna be your (be your) official
gurl i wana be ur official gurl i wana be ur official official gurl (official gurl)

Cassie; If you keep this up there's bound to be a mess,
Caus i ain't like the rest, put to the test i can surely pass ,
Yahhhh, you gotta do the math, I'm so stylish (check)
flossy (check), Be a shame to say you lost me,
but if you want that it's a rap and i won't look back,

Chorus: REPEAT !

Lil' Wayne: She said she wanna be mahh official,
Bang, bang, bang, talkin all pissed off,
Ain't no violence, ain't no silence,
she scream to the top of her when i get on
top of her,
Sounding like an opera, skip, drop, hoppin her,
Got her feelin' popular, got ehr feelin like she's
mahh official gurl,
yeah you so special gurl,i'll never diss you,
and i'll kiss you on your little pearl,
I know you like that baby, yeah you like that baby,
I know i can make you come, right back baby,

Cassie: Said i wanna be your official girl
Said you better act right 2 seconds from being
out the door, Said i won't be with you unofficially
anymore, And i can't make it chuu's, Why don't you
cool on over bout' tahh' blow a good thing,
And i ain't amek it ultimatium so i'm gonna tell you
like this for verbatum,

Chorus: REPEAT !
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