Obsession (No Es Amor)
by Frankie J

It's early in the mornin
An my heart is feelin lonely
Juss thinking bout you baby
Got me twisted in the head
And I don't know how to take it
But it's drivin me so crazy
I don't know if it's right
I'm tossin turning the bed

It's one o'clock in the mornin
And I still can't sleep
Thinkin bout your beauty
It makes me weak
I'm feelin hopeless in my home
Don't know what to do
I think I'm in love

No es amor
What am I feelin
What am I doin wrong
No es amor
Is this an illusion
That I have in my heart

Verse 2
Now I know your not my lady
But I'm tryin to make this right
I don't know what to do
I'm goin outta my mind
So baby if you let me
Can I get wit you I don't know maybe
We can ride together
We can do this all night
Now I don't care if you gotta man
Baby I wish you'd understand
Cuz I know he can't love you right
Quite like I can


Ooo I love the way you freak it it like (x3)
It's an obsession

Hold up
Let me dream
Shorty got lips so serene
Where my candy where my cream
Gotcha boy feelin supreme
Hold up wait a minute
Baby you damn so independent
Lovin everything you representin
Got Alot of money an Id love to spend it
And that's for somthin
I don't care what people say
I'm blessin when I'm stressin
My super fly beauty queen
I'ma keep it saucy
Cuz momma know how I do
We gonna rondevouz
Mi corazon be watchin

Lyrics submitted by Clarissa.