No Ordinary Christmas
by Cheetah Girls

It was Christmas morning,
just got out of bed.
Some animated sight, was it all just in my head?
Santa Claus was dancin',
he was gettin' down.
Presents filled my living room,
there were reindeer flyin' 'round.
ohhh, candy canes and chocolate rain were fa-alli-ing!
This ain't no ordinary Holiday,
when you're having a party,with Santa in the house.
This ain't no ordinary Holiday,
when you're sittin' by the fire, and there's a snowman chillin' out.

Over in the kitchen, cookies on a plate.
Santa ate them one by one, 'till he got a tummy ache.
Rudolf and his reindeer, rockin by the tree.
Santa turned the music up, sayin come on dance with me.
ohhh, jingle bells, and snowflakes fell upo-on me-e, oh.


it's a Holida-ay.
oh oo oh oo ohh
no ordinary christmas!
o oh o oh o

When the song was over,
Santa waved Goodbye.
In a moment, he was gone,
and he flew into the sky.
Now I know that Santa
really is no myth.
Never be another day like December 25th!
o ohhhh


This ain't no ordinary Holiday(x4)
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