On my fifth birthday,
i got so upset,
about the brand new bike
that i didn't get.
I'd prayed my heart out.
and it didn't seem fair.
i told my grampa i guess God doesn't care.
and he just smiled
and said my child

make no mistake
every prayer you make
gets answered.
even though
the answer
is no.

Five years later
out behind the shed
with a stolen pack of grandpa's cigerettes.
i struck a match and held that first one to my lips.
and prayed to God please let me get away with this.
and through the smokey air,
saw grampa standing there.

(chorus) make no mistake
every prayer you pray
gets answered.
even though
the answer, is no

when i think of all the answers in my life,
i would have to say,
theres no doubt, it was always for the best,
when i didnt get my way.

well grampa got older,
like grampas do.
his health was failing and i guess i knew.
that it'd be best if he was called on home.
but selfishly i prayed that God would keep him hanging on.
and when he passed away,
in my mind i heard i say

make no mistake,
every prayer pray gets answered
even though,
the answer is noooooo
sometimes the answer is no
Lyrics submitted by amanda.