No Goodbyes
by Blue

Yeh no more tears,
no more goodbyes

Don't you know it's time for me to go
Even thougt it hearts to see you cry
But don't you know you'll
Never be alone
If you hold me deep inside

You know I would rather stay
But now befor I turn away
There's one last thing to you
I want to say

(All Band)........
Baby there's no Goodbyes
I'll always be right by your side
Though I may be far away
You know my heart will stay......
With you

Now I've pictures in the distance
Even though it seems amillion mIles
But there will be no space between us
I'll be there everytime you close your eyes
Yes I will

I don't wanna say
Word that people say
Cos when I go away,
My love will stay

In the hearts of you
To help you make it through
Baby that is why
There can be no
No Goodbyes

You know what
No more Goodbyes
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