Never Going Back to OK
by The Afters

its not the end
but it feels like it is
am waking up
like am back from the dead
am stepping out
and i feel so afraid
but as long as am moving it's allright

i feel alive
and it hurts for a change
and looking back
and it's hard to believe
that i was cool
with the days i that i wasted, complacent and tasteless and bored but
that was yesterday

we're never going back to ok
we're never going back to easy
we're never going back to the way it was
we're never going back to ok

this discontent
like a slap in the face
of mediocre
ive had enough of this place
this party's over
and am moving away from the frills of you beverly hills but
that was yesterday


we're here to stay
this is our time
our only life
our chance to live

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