Hey it's good to see you baby how long has it been
It always feels like yesterday when I come walking in
But there you are, behind the bar serving drinks
And smiling with your eyes
But when you notice me
I feel that old familiar fire burning way down inside down inside

Last night I heard the roadhouse blues on my radio
Thought about that night at my place under candle glow
A bottle of wine lost track of time somehow we both wound up on the floor
And I was into wine and passion then, but you were into finding something more

You were always searching for the man I'm never gonna be
And I was always chasing down the highway that led in front of me
Well I hear you got a new man now, I hope he treats you good
I hope he's doing all them little things, that I never could

Sometimes reality don't live up to up to my dreams
This gypsy life with open roads ain't easy as it seems
So now and then, your back again, wondering if I ever should have gone
But the choices that we make in life we gotta live with, whether they're
right or wrong


No matter how hard I try
It won't be long before I'm saying goodbye
Lyrics submitted by sarah leanne.