Never Again
by Asia

I saw the universe, I held it in my hand
The planets and the stars, merely grains of sand
The darkness that I knew is no more
The sun will shine for me, of that I can be sure

This is the day, the day of my ascendance
A time for life, a time for independence

Never again will I bear arms against my brother
Never again will I dishonor anyone
Never again will I wish evil on another
Never again will I spill blood of any mother's son

The age of Gemini, a dazzling creation
A new enlightenment, a great illumination
Dark acts of history must never be repeated
I know I must treat you, the way I'd be treated

This is the day, the day of liberation
A time for life, for new regeneration


I'm climbing now, I'm gaining altitude
And now my hands can feel the grip
My head is spinning with a synergy
The power that takes me up and up

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