Nasty Ho
by Muck Sticky

whats up, smoke weed, take pills
yes ma'am.
smoke crack
hell naw
kick ass, fuck hoes
fuck this, fuck that, lick my nut sack
roll a blunt, kick back
choke choke, toke toke
puff puff pass, bitch
cut my grass bitch
kiss my ass bitch
porkchop, fat slut
suck my dogs nuts
fuck you, get out
lard ass, foul mouth; damn straight
ass hole; jenny craig enroll
jelly roll, belly roll, smelly smelly smelly roll
pussy lips, very swole
hoe in does, take a tole
cooter hole; deep and wide
feet first, jump inside!

cause you nasty hoe
quit suckin my toe
i said, you nasty hoe
you're fat ass gosta' go

fire up, fire it up
grad my guitar, pluck a string
chewin on a chicken wang
baby suck my ding a lang
feelin' fine, drink some wine
bud man's here, just in time
got some pills ; yes i do
methogans? Zanex too!
hook it up, look it up
ring ring. yo what's up
sticky can you lick my pussy
yes i can if you duchy .
i don't deal with funky snatches
or the lips with ichy rashes
holy shit, is that a clit?
it almost looks just like a dick.
chasin me around the room
fight it off, with a broom
i'm about to lose my mind
pussy grabbed me from behind
i started kickin' yellin go away
this stanky rottin' pussy gonna kill me today


damn it's dark, where am i at
lost inside this bitches cat
i can't see, i can't breathe
fuck we done attached the weave
cause it's hairy, very scary
freaky deaky, porno movie
goo is drippin.. am i trippin
broke my dick, and now i'm limpin
help me, help me. i done been to hell and back
fat bitch, green snatch!
i'm having a heart attack
oh my god, oh my god.
someone call the paramedic!
i am stuck, what the fuck
shakin' like a diabetic
let me go, crazy cunt!
callin me a little runt
i'm gone roll a fat ass blunt
fuck you and your little junk
murvis griften, feelin' nifty
bustin' rhymes oh so swiftly
i will be smoking weed
till i turn 150
when i die burry me, with a blunt hangin out my mouth
let em know, that my soul, will always be in the dirty south!
Lyrics submitted by alyson.