My Lucky Day
by Gaelic Storm

I can not take credit for this song, even though I LOVE it and wish I would have written it.

I got a can, a cold one in my hand,
My flip-flops on, my favorite band,
Cranking through my dancing mind,
A world ahead, a life behind me.
Kicking through the surf together,
Me and you and the sunny weather,
Finally found the words to say;
"This is my life, this is my lucky day".

Hey, hey.

Out across the ocean too,
A better life for me and you,
The greyest days will turn to colors,
Wash away our tears and worries.
I'll be your blanket day and night,
Wrap you in that morning light,
We'll wake together smile and say;
"This is my life, this is my lucky day".

Hey, hey.

And now the stars and world surround you
You're the only one I'm bound to,
We'll dance together hand in hand,
Out across the shifting sand.
Leaving lies and fear behind us,
Dreams of love and hope will find us,
So happy that you came my way;
"This is my life, this is my lucky day".

Hey, Hey
"This is my life, this is my lucky day".

If I could catch a million birds,
And have them sing to you these words,
Would you follow me be my fairytale,
I'll be your ship, you'll be my sail.
Lions, snakes and bears, oh my!
Close your eyes and say goodbye,
To boogie men and childish fears,
For now I'm here to catch your tears.
Save them so when you awake,
I'll have enough to make a lake,
And on it we will sail together,
Through the seas and stormy weather.
To a place where we will find,
Calmness, hope and peace of mind,
A place to call our very own,
I think I'll call it home.....

"This is my lucky day".
Hey, hey,
"This is my life, this is my lucky day".
Lyrics submitted by Rebecca Geiger.
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