My Dick
by Redd Foxx

my dick cost a late night fee
your dick got the HIV
my dick plays on the double feature screen
your dick went straight to DVD
my dick bigger than a bridge
your dick look like a little kids
my dick rush like the chargers (the whole team)
your shit look like you fourteen
my dick locked in a cage (right)
your dick suffer from stage fright
my dick its so hot its stolen
your dick look like gary coleman
my dick pink and big
your dick stinks like shit
my dick got a caesar doo
your dick needs a tweezer dude
my dick is like supersize
your dick look like two fries
my dick more mass than earth
your dick half staff (it needs work)
my dick been there done that
your dick sits there with dunce cap
my dick V.I.P.
your shit needs I.D
its time that we let the world know
dude, you gotta let your girl go
D.S. is the beat in the business
P.s. we got dicks like jesus
my dick need no introduction
your dick dont even function
my dick served a whole lunch-in
your dick look like a munchkin
my dick size of a pumpkin
your dick look like macauley culkin
my dick good good lovin
your dick good for nothin
my dick bench pressed 350
your dick couldnt shop,lift at thrifty
my dick pretty damn skimpy
your dick hungry as a hippy
my dick dont fit down the chimeny
your dick is like a kid from the philippines
my dick is an M16
your dick broken vending machine
my dick parts the seas
your dick farts and quiefs
my dick rumble in the jungle
your dick got touched by your uncle
my dick goes to yoga
your dick fruit roll up
my dick grade a beef
your dick made a geek
my dick sick and dangerous
your dick quick and painless
my dick 'nuff said
your dick loves sweat
its time we let the world know
dude, you gotta let your girl go
P.s. we got dicks like jesus!
Lyrics submitted by devon.