When yer on the high seas and your crew throws a fit, to head for the shores what ya gon do? SHIT
when there's mutiny aboard and yer crew draws its swords, they say they wanna quit but they cant do shit
im a real pirate, yall foes, im a real pirate, yall foes
im gonna kill you with my shank, or make ya walk the plank
ill cut off yer hand, as a reprimand

It was 15 years ago they tried to steal my show
ill never know how many lashings on their backs i disposed
all the rum had been depleted, the whole crew was cheated
of the shares of their wares- sad state of affairs
they didnt really take kindly just to follow me blindly
they all ganged up just to settle it finally
how many months had it been since we had seen our kin?
i dont care ya landlubbers, dont get under my skin
never will a lubber diss me like i diss yer mother
shes a whale set sail one the back of her blubber
cant begin our journey home till ive uncovered the stones
that lead to the treasure map of davy jones
if its so easy to defeat me then come on try to beat me
ill hit you in the face with my cannon or mace
and your a true disgrace and yer out of yer place
this ship is the ship that nobody takes!

Sea Dawg:
So ya haven't fed yer crew for a hundred days
kept em killin' even on the holidays
sailed your ship through the middle of a hurricane
so fewer men remain
alive to complain
when you catch the slightest whiff of mutiny in the air
cause the crew is a starvin or wants a fair share
you've got to show 'em who's boss before it's opportune
for them to stab ya, drown ya, or leave ya marooned.

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