Mt. Moriah
by Derek Floyd

Words by Marlene Floyd
Music by Derek Floyd

Sarah couldn't help but wonder what was troubling her man
She sensed a hint of sorrow as only life-long spouses can.
He tried to hide it from her underneath a manly guise
But as they left at break of day, Sarah knelt, compelled to pray
She didn't know the reason, it was only something in his eyes.

For tree days they journeyed reaching God's appointed place
Neither son or father denied the pain on one another's face
Isaac laid upon the alter... Only God would make it right.
Lay down the knife. Oh Abraham. Behold the bush, I've sent a ram.
Untie the boy and hold him, he'll be going home with you tonight.

Lay it down at Mt. Moriah
Offer up what you hold best
Giving in complete surrender
That you may know God's faithfulness.

A family reunited cause a heart chose to obey
Even in adversity, they would never turn away
Would I even have the courage to walk so faithfully
Where nothing matters but the Lord, and every step leads heavenward
To seek His favor only, is the place where my heart yearns to be.

Repeat Chorus 3x
Lyrics submitted by Melissa Vanderb.