Mr. Goodtime
by Colt Ford

[Chorus] I got two shotglasses and a bottle of tequila
with nothin' but time on my hands.
I got my boots on tight,
and some money for the jukebox so tell me if your ready to dance.

I said hey goodlookin' whats on your mind?
Is there somethin' i can help you find.
She said; im lookin for a man for me in my kids.
I said honey he aint here but a goodtime is.
She smiled; and askd me if i could show her one,
I said take my hand darlin, lets start the fun.
I asked her name and she asked for mine.
I said honey they call me, Mr.Goodtime.


Well lawd have mercy look what just walked in;
it was a tall redhead, with her brunette friend.
I said hey there ladies yall aint from round here;
They said we just passin through wontcha buy us a beer.
I said yes ma'am i will.
I'll even buy yall a shot.
they said we wanna get wild, is this the right spot?
I said ladies yur in luck, everything'll be fine.
btw; the girls call me Mr.Goodtime.

Lyrics submitted by Heather.