Ran into a chick found out I had to break her
Mad because I was with a guy that didn't want to date her
And she has the nerve to call me tayanna Taylor.

If I was that girl chances are I would have shanked her
You out of my element
Girl, you are a faker
Talking is irrelevant
Serious, I don't take her
Listen to my words
I'm a qualified educator
Me plus you equals minus one hater
Walking to the function
Round ten maybe later
Saw the chick, shoes looking like a skaters
She stayed over there so she was a lot safer
But when she called me out
Wording mouth like I was a chaser
Girl your getting personal
I am just a faker home girl in my ear
Talking "gabby you take her"
Teeth was crook figured
I make me a little straighter
If she step to me ima need me
A litigator
I'm tellin you

Chorus: Move
If you wanna, if you wanna, if you wanna,
Move, move
If you wanna, if you wanna, if you wanna
Move, move
If you wanna, if you wanna, if you wanna
Move, move
If you wanna, if you wanna, if you wanna

She try a play it cool
I'm tellin her make a move
If you wanna chick
Do whatever your gonna do, if you wanna
But choose if you wanna win, lose

Girl you wanna, no clue whatcha thinking
But chu better be a runner
I ain't gonna run cause
You talk real slick
You could ask anyone
Girl, my hands they quick
No, violence ain't answer
But it sure makes sense
if your messin with a bomb,
You gon hear that tick
You could call me
Whatchu want
I don't move til you touchin
So I waited for a minute
But my friends, they rushin
We went out the door, steppin
Out of the function
Girl ruined my night, now I'm
Feelin like cussin
Man that's why I hate girls
And I can't stand drama
If you listening to this song
Please don't tell my mama
I just made it for a mix
Yo, this ain't really happen
If my mama hear this song
Guarantee she gonna slap me

Lyrics submitted by breana simmons.