More Than Meets the Eye
by Kolohe Kai

Prettiness & charm can sometimes be in vain
But a loyal love from you I see pouring out like rain
Oh girl you got this smile that makes my world go round
And for an awful lonely while I never thought your love could be found

I think it’s safe to say
That I know you
I really do
How things turned out this way
I never thought you could be so true
I’m thankful everyday
That I truly know the girl that I adore

Oh it’s the first time
That I liked a girl before I saw good-looks yeah,
Oh how you shook my heart
It’s the first time
That I liked a girl who loves to read her books yeah,
My heart you took from the start
Oh when I hear your wisest words it takes my heart higher than the birds fly
Oh with you girl there’s so much more than meets the eye

Some say beauty is only skin deep and its true
But when I look at you I see beauty all the way through yeah
Girl can't you just see what’s happening to me
These butterflies inside are finally breaking free

Your humility, oh how it refreshes my soul
And your loyalty shows your heart glitter like gold
Baby there's no doubt that I really know you inside out