Its Gucci , Lets Go!
Girl Break Her Back
We Got Stacks Of The Money (Money)
Catch Us In The Trap Makin Plays For The Money (Money)
We Be On The Block Sellin Yay For The Money (Money)
Hit The Mall Then We Ball Everyday With The Money (Money)
We Laughin At You Niggas Cause Its Funny We Get Money
Trynna Stunt Like Us_? Is You A Dummy_?
We Get Money (Money)
New Clothes Everyday
No Laundry
We Get Money (Money)
Get It
You Cant Be Me Or See Me Unless You See Me On Tv
Necklace Worth A Milli
Like Lil Weezy Say A Milli
Say Im A Millionaire You Say Ohh Really I Say Silly Did You Think That I Was Only Worth A Milli
Its The Kidd But Not Gilly
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written by FRAY, LIAM JAMES
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