Momma Don't Cry
by Brother Ig

Momma, I’m really sorry for these last few years,
Momma, I’m really sorry I made you shed them tears,
Momma, I can’t say why I do the things I do,
But I wish you really knew that I never meant to hurt you,
Ooh! It eats me up inside, every time I make you cry,
So I try to live right, and give you one peaceful night.
But right there’s a fight, because this street life got me crazy,
I chose to live this life I know it’s not the way you raised me,
You ashamed of me momma? For all that I’ve done,
Don’t give up on me momma? Better days will soon come,
I try to run from the liquor, but the bottle keeps calling’,
I love to make money quicker, So I got to keep balling,
And methamphetamines got the best of me,
Momma don’t think less of me,
I know that’s why you stressing me,
Because you wanna see the best for me,
They say my destiny is six feet deep,
The way I live it just might be,
I wanna change please believe, But until then don’t cry for me!
Verse Two
Momma tried & a mamma cried
& a momma I’m sorry I put them tears in your eyes & a
You wonder why I ended up this way
I ask myself sometime where did I go astray
They say the longest river is the river of tears
U think my death will be near So now you’re drowning in fear
You stare into my eyes & my pops is what u see
& his generation curse has fell upon me
u don’t want to believe what your son has become
u never want me to leave , u think I may not return
I don’t learn from my burns, or mistakes That I make
what will it take to go straight & make your pain go away
I say that I will change but those words you don’t trust
But then u never given up that unconditional love
From a son to a mom It’s that bond u cant break
Got too much love for you mom
That your tears won’t go in vain no way
Verse Three
Momma something happened today That I just can’t explain
But all I can really say is that I’m not gonna be the same
I know I say this all the time
To you it’s just a line but this piece I cant deny
I accepted the Lord into my life
That’s right momma, Can’t believe it myself
If you knew just what I felt, that u would never have no thought
I dint know how or why I ended up in church
I dint know how or why God took away this hurt
But I stood in front of the alter W/ my hands up in the air
I didn’t think that GOD was there Or if he really cared
But out of nowhere from my head to my feet
I was filled w/ the chills & Something over took me
Then I dropped to my knees & Tears fell like the rain
Then I asked the lord please For my evil ways to be changed
As strange as it seems I felt it all go away
My addiction, my guilt My sorrow, my pain
Today I was saved its like I am born again
I got a 2nd chance in life plus a reason to live
I wish now you’ll be proud & not hurt like before
your sons in GODS hand now
so you don’t have to cry no more,
Momma !
Lyrics submitted by Omar Martinez.