Missing Me Some You
by Toby Keith

Midnight in the desert and so far away
Finger nail moon dancin’ through the Milky Way
And stars down in Dixie look the same way here
I got your picture stuck down in my battle gear


Oh I can sing that song; you know the one that drives you wild
And close my eyes and dream but I can’t kiss my baby’s smile
Even the man in the moon is singin’ the blues
I hope you still love me baby, I’m missing me some you

When you head hits the pillow would you pray for my soul
That’s when you little soldier goes out on patrol
Never thought when I kissed you goodbye in Tennessee
That I’d ever be lonely, I’m about as lonely as one man can be

Repeat chorus x 2

Oh, I hope you still love me baby, cuz I’m missing me some you
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