chrous-Uh uh uh uh oh ooh why'd u had to go oh away from home me love (2x)
see the first time me looking at your eyes me be tell you want a guy like me (guy like me) we use to have good times on da evening, me and you chilling on da beach (on da beach) we kiss and caress an chess me girl it feel so sweet (feels so sweet) den one day you move now i'm feeling kinda blue cause we had to see u leave

pre chrous-i feel like i'm drowning in a ocean ,somebody come and take me away
now i'm siting in a char with nobody here with no here i'm feeling all alone (all alone) thinking to myself like damn why my baby up and gone (up and gone) it's like i'm missing her and i know she missing me (missin me) it's been a year an a half in july will make it three (make it three)


why u leave me,why,why u leavem baby tell me,beh baby tell me why u leave me wh wh why you leave me,why u leave me
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