Hey you, what's your problem, I been mystified
You might come from a different city, your body talks just like mine
Some things get misunderstood, and we can't stop the fight
But there's one thing that we don't disagree on putting right

Makin' up, makin' up by makin' love
Makin' up, makin' up by makin' love

Hey I don't need to be teased, I'm no suicide
You might think I'm on the edge, just about to dive
Don't look back or turn around, when you say you've gone for sure
'Cos every night when talk gets cheap, you still come back for more


Hey little dream maker, you can stick the cream
I've abused so many times, I don't believe in me
It's the best if I suggest, and you just try to please
There's one thing we both agree, can end hostility
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written by JOHN SPINKS