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you want me to sell this
Zones, Quaters, Halfs, Ki's
However they ask for it, Just give it to them Lil Weezy
(Lil Wayne)
I'm all for it
around your neighborhood and you wake up with bodies by your house

(Hook [Lil Wayne])
scared until you catch you a case
You lil boyz be out here sniffin' that furl
You lil boyz gotta get loaded just to go in that world
You lil boyz had
he swervin' by
That's your issue - God bless ya - you deserve to die

[Lil Wayne]
Which one of these niggas playin' with me?
I'ma strap up
and my son, Wheezy, got a house by the water
I'll be fuckin' bad bitches (bad bitches, bad bitches)

[Lil' Wayne]
I be hittin' they daughters

claiming that they pregnant, want to be his ol' lady? 

[Lil' Wayne] 
Uh, uh...what kinda nigga be sparkling like silver? 
Lil' bitty soldier
x 2 
(Lil Wayne) 
I have you burning up 'cause I be (Hot Hot) 
Like a firecracker 
I'm (Tss Tss) Pow 
See these niggas can't take me 
get better 


[Lil Wayne]
Here I come star rapper 
I get the fast money 
Short cute hot boy 
And rap for cash money 
Stand out
[Lil Wayne]
We have them bitches like it was unplugged
Its Weezy wee, Mannie fresh, and unplugged
We have them bitches like it was unplugged
nigga trill nigga pull out and get debated
I keep waiting
I hear your name in the papers

[Chorus: Lil Wayne & Petey Pablo]
They call me young
claiming that they pregnant, want to be his ol' lady? 

[Lil' Wayne] 
Uh, uh...what kinda nigga be sparkling like silver? 
Lil' bitty soldier
[Lil Boosie] U can catch me by tha school zone wit my McKinley blue on wit a tool on that'll have you you you and you gone you niggaz hatin on a boy cuz
Remy and weed
Somebody not afraid
To go some for my Escalade

[Lil Wayne]
I'm just pimping
Baby you got a rule for me
Put your mink on and slide
Lil Wayne could not have found him a better successor
Every shot you see them take at me? They all contested
Allen Iverson shoe deal, these niggas
Lil' Wayne representin'
I cut like blades, I bust heads, and break legs
I tear up dreads, take our breads, now go figure
What? From the 17th, I
featuring Juvenile Lil' Wayne Musalini Maze (Goldfingaz) 
Verse 1: 
[Lil' Wayne of the Hot Boys] 
They call me the youngest headbuster walkin'
The boi lil Wayne, the homie pimp c, 
We got a lil story to tell y'all where we come from.

[Bow Wow]
I come from where a Chevy wit a trunk full of bump
like Lil Wayne
Revisin' the game like king James
The heads turnin like slim thug chain
I'm bangin' hooks like sugar Shane
I'm thowed off like Major
{Lil' Wayne}

We back
The flow's on me and I promise baby
I'm in my zone
Wizzle, come on..

Verse 1 {Lil' Wayne}

One 90 proof
Subline in my
like brrrump bump bump
Crack I crease sound like a big bitch
In the back trying get up out a little nigga trunk
Turn heads for I even hit the block
it for my dudes
All the niggas on the block that got that work to move

[Lil' Wayne]
It's Weezy baby, young and from the Dirty South
Get up your
got a whole lot more weight to gain
And call me by my new name
(What is that?) featuring Lil Wayne


(My nigga, featuring Lil Wayne
I'm a nigga that's on the grind for six figures
I'm a chilla but bring me out my back I'm always splita
You kill me it really don't matter to lil


Lil killa Weezay, they drug spot is fuckin up a nigga cheezay 

get em out and shut that bitch down 

{Lil Wayne} 

huh? well
on an breakin' me off by the end of the night
You can ride with me
Cause I like ya Simmon's jeans
Ain't tryin' to make a love scene
Truly I just want you