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night until the early light

In her purse where her hand go
She disperse by the handful
Coco make her go up
Nothing popping, pop a zan when she laying low
change on ya head
Boy, you on sale
Yeah I see you in hell
Pop pop get well
Make breakfast cause I got you walking on egg shells
Zan with that lean
I ain't
than popping bottles trying to ball in the club
Is the first caveman pops with his son, ball and a club
What's better than paper is balling it up
you, you just ain't never heard
It go like: count that stack, pop that cap then down that Jack
All my niggas hit that zan, and all my ladies 'bout that
I got a whole lot of money
Pop that pussy for me
My homie got that yopper
He'll bang it at a copper
Gangsta party, gangsta party, gangsta party!
her dance
With a bag full of zans
Got my Vans in advance
Acting bad on them tabs
Pants cost a grand
Put that ass in my hands
Duffel bag full
I just popped me two Zans, finna fuck me a waitress
Drumma, he from Sudan
Surgical with two lasers
Lift the ground up from under you
ready for that (Statik)
Detroit vs. Everybody

I took a bite out the rotten apple by the poison tree
All these females need to email to make noise
out my brain, I feel like Bubba Chuck
Girl I'm zoned out, I feel my zans
Ain't nobody understand
It's you and I, go and call your friends
Let's get
sispan'n tire
pou rouge et bleu trop sang koule
Haiti, Paris, Montreal, New york city
[ Touch Your Button Carnival Jam song text brought to you by
Fuck up my bitch by the change
Brought me from trap house to stage
I wanna jump in the air
You know the love ain't fair

You killin then show us
tell 'em they ain't stoppin' me
I call her tart, she gonna come pop for me
If I get it started, she gone start for me

I'm with the 808 Mafia