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me wishin'

Michael: Let it all hang out

J5: Girl don't be afraid

Jermaine: Oooh, you've got the first step made

Jackie: Oooh, the rest is
Does he move like Michael Jackson when she gets him to dance?
Does he sing like Sinatra?
Does he spend like Trump?
What's a queen like that doin' with
Michael Jackson shit

That's right put in work, move your ass, go berserk
Eat your salad, no dessert
Get that man you deserve
It's Kanye's workout plan
Jackson if you wanna
Woody Allen, molested and married his step-daughter
Same press kicking dirt on Michael's name
Show Woody and Soon-Yi at the playoff
sure the shit is real
Mr Nigga, Nigga Nigga
Nigga Nigga.. Nigga

You can laugh and criticize Michael Jackson if you wanna
Woody Allen, molested
[Alan Jackson] 
The sun is hot and that old clock is movin' slow and so am I 
Work day passes like molasses in winter time, but it's July.
or rain 
Jackson 5 good times with Jefferson's 
Yeah Baby you know I liked it better when 
You lived closer but then you moved 
But that couldn't stop
to the other side
And I didn't even have to die
Got the money and I never show it
Let a nigga try to play heroic
Michael Jackson talkin' to me in my dreams
chin chin

For you to groove with it
You've got to move with it
Here's what you do with it
Now it's on you, kick it

For you to groove with it
With yellow eyes  my green face  my pink and white afro 
I'm no toy kid  your style is made by Hasbro 
G'niff gnapp  you think you got that real
were shot down by the National Guard troops 
Just like Uncle Sam I put on my fighting shoes 
School shot down cause there's no more to lose 
Now we're
With a suitful of compassion and a gobful of shite
Still the voices of those who doubt
Coca-Cola for the peasants
And Michael Jackson, game for a laugh
a Ben Frank get some Andrew Jackson's
Five twenties for a hundred dollar bill
You know the math lets make deal
On a one dollar bill if ya look
she got a lot of friends
A young girl starin' in the car to the right
I smile back, taken by my own sense of sight
The cops drive by to do some more
She want to hear track six, she told me that's her (jam)
Baby girl said I got the title, got a nigga feelin' like Michael
Jackson, Jordan, don't
bang nigga

Yeah, nigga
And if the devil die today, I'mma treat it like it's a holiday
Bout the Michael Jackson, beat it, I mean it, I got a powder day
tragic like when Michael left The Jacksons
I told you, you should be careful what you're asking
You wished I would've left you with some quiet time
or rain 
Jackson 5 good times with Jefferson's 
Yeah Baby you know I liked it better when 
You lived closer but then you moved 
But that couldn't stop
too long? 
Did I leave your mind when I was gone? 
Baby ain't no need to pretend I ain't actin live 
I'm like a young-ass Michael from the Jackson Five
of the action 
Man they start rememberin more times than Michael Jackson 

But I can't fade to the tag-alongs 
That want me to drag em on 
Frontin like
The lights go down and you've found yourself surrounded
Astounded by the veteran crew that you discounted
But we're back for our piece of this game
you you can't do "The Butt" off this music
You can't do "The Wop," can't do nuttin' else off it
Can't do the "Michael Jackson"
Only thing you can do
this ain't enough to say to you
You've been there from the beginning to the end
My companion as well as my best friend
You got my heart now here's my
know de truth,
I'm doin' fine!
Decisions in a row,
An' only five on points;
De res' was all K.O.
Jackson an' Johnson,
Murphy an'
A money toss cause a 9 stripper mad dash
A friend request following a hash tag
Now everybody want it like a last laugh
A Michael Jackson jacket