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to try ya, I think ya so on fire)
Easy! Girl I just think you're so outstanding
(I can't deny it, keep trying to fight it)

[Pre-Chorus - Mariah Carey
[Ja Rule]

[Mariah Carey (Ja Rule)]
I never (who would've thought baby)
Thought I'd be (missing you baby)
Without you (I need you baby)
you touch by body got me singing like Mariah
Singing like Mariah

Uh, T-Raw on fire
If you're looking for that fly love, I'm your number one
?? with Madonna not melodic like Mariah,
Carey, when Larry put me in his Caddy I made my album
I rock the funky beat like Marky Mark be rockin
to me now, baby
But keep it on the hush
You're not mine, got a secret love, baby

It was a summer's day when walking by
She didn't notice as as you turned
to give you up, you're mine

Oh, you got me feelin' some type of way
Ain't no you without me, hope you feel the same
‘Cause if there's no you, there's no
Inflicting fatalities
Ain't no cap on my salary
I'm gettin' g's if you heard of me's
Then you know that we's makin' g's
Let's xscape with Mariah Carey and me
a Uber, you don't need a cab
Fuck a bus pass, you got a Moped man
She got 1988 Mariah Carey hair
Very rare, mom jeans on her derriere
Throwing up the West
I'm Obsessed now, oh gee
Is that supposed to be me
In the video with the goatee
Wow Mariah, didn't expect you to go balls out
Bitch shut
could still ride together
You don't need a Uber, you don't need a cab
Fuck a bus pass, you got a Moped man
She got nineteen eighty eight Mariah Carey
live and die by my hand
Child to the moon
And the storm
Silent shadow growing
I'm reborn

Don't care if you're ready
I'll take what is mine
all wasted, buried in the snow
You're my reflection, one of the divine
Careful what you give me, the other half is mine

You got to be my world
me, no Mariah
They say the hood is mine, 
It's like the nigger was born against the wind
She, Johhny Frankenstein, 
My auto-mo is pretty as camorra
my wildest childhood wish
The grand design was never mine
This is what you made me

Rise above the chemical imbalance
If you're strong and if you're
minds on us, like mine's on Mariah
And y'all is just like her, you're all fucking liars
But I just keep fucking you, like I fucked her
Right in the ass
on Mariah
And y'all is just like her, you're all f***ing liars
But I just keep f***ing you, like I f***ed her
Right in the a** with KY, Yes sir!
So full
Recognize, that I am not alive
I survived in the sands of the hourglass of time
I'm the chalk line outline everything is mine
From the wind
Our destinies are linked forever

But you're still unaware

I sell my soul to have you by my side
To fill the emptiness of a lonely life
I sell my
Once beloved now lost forever
Wings of Angel torn by malignance

Why wasn't it me?
Living in a shadow of death
I wish it was a dream

I won't
on the runestaff
Is the highest
The ruin of a nation
Step by step
(Lead: André)

Damned for all Time - but what's time ?
Tales of the one who's born
it down on our side of the town at any cost 

And you loved in the checks by Money Boss so (keep on) 

To my cousin G, 

I know you're

You're the worst of all
With all your accusations and compunction
I can't suffer this duress from someone
So depraved and selfish
hear the view is twice as nice when you're dying.
And now you face a seemingly eternal night.
Don't sleep. I won't.
I won't lose this fight, more than
your ass bust 


Keith Murray outro: 

This is for you backstabbers comin' from behind 

If you front on mine you're bound to never
soldier, timeless, through and through
I?m a horse soldier, eternal, through and through

I's with Custer and the 7th in ?76 or ?77 
Scalped at Little Big