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Engineered by Mark Evans
Mixed by Phil Bodger
Guitars by Robbie McIntosh (of The Pretenders)
Keyboards and Programming by Peter Vettese and Mark Evans
Drums by
me sleep,
The dance is buried way too deep.
But the bottom lover, lover's keep,
Made by crazy faith.

You're not asking if I love this man.
buried way too deep
But the bottom lover, lover's keep
Made by crazy faith

You're not asking if I love this man
I know you don't, you don't believe
White magic for lovers
When you hold on

Oh, you hold on
To your faith
Turn your tears back into water
And leave the bottle by his door
(Written by J. Livingston and R. Evans)
We're gathered here this evening to testify
And I want you to know the words for today is let go
of the teenage lovers
Surprised by what I feel
The last of the teenage lovers
I'm learning how to deal
With the ease of the midnight visit
The ease
Um, one of the most talked about parts of your life
Your relationship with Faith
How are things?
I mean, we ain't together no more
She just had
lover or your friend

Get it on the table, pass the gravy pass the buck
Get it on the table, secrets and lies,
Silence, faith and luck

Cuz it's
of the Universe, not an actor and 
Standin' by her man till the end 
Not only as a lover but a friend 

Stand by your, man, stand by your man 
You got to stand
fail me now
Said that all you knew was confusion
Feet don't fail me now
Set it all that he could see time rushing by

Waiting for your lover
I'm dead to me, I died by the throne.

Martyrs, hear me out.
Live and die by your lover's heart.
Why's this on me? Why's this on me?

Martyrs, hear me
come crying,
Don't come crying,
Don't come cry to me.
I'm not your friend,
I'm just your lover,
Don't put your faith,
Don't put your faith in me,
Oh refuge of my hardened heart 
Oh fast pursuing lover come 
As angels dance around Your throne 
My life by captured fare You own 

I've cried an ocean of salty tears, so torn apart by love  
Struggled through so many lonely years, dying for a lover's touch 
But now that I'm
Reunite long-lost lovers
Or set them off different trails

Hey don’t deny
Your smile’s a lie
You’re not coming alive
Before you try
And seize
In the shadows
You get to know your lover mostly by feel
Got to put your faith in things you can touch
If you dare to 
'Cause the shadows can
in your ears
As I sink beneath the weight of it all

I could call you my lover, call you a beast
Call you the island, where faith doesn't reach
losing their limelight like Mike Bivins
Bitches flipping their wigs like Faith Evans
Reject my single I ain't mad at it
Like O.J. getting married again,
for so long
When we were lions, lovers in combat
Faded like your name on those jeans that I burned

But I am older now
And we did it when we were
Dream My Love Dream
With My Body And My Soul
Question Out My Faith
I'm Pledged To Be Your Lover
And After I Started Loving You
I Knew I'd Never Love
to see Your face and noticed nothing
But a well-timed honest smile from a friend, 

Oh we of little faith,
Oh You of stubborn grace
We are the beggars
burned by lovers, maybe you've been scarred by the pain
But baby, I'm not like the others, drawing moths to a flame
Spite is like a spark, crackling in
a plane
It's a dream, it's a game
Be strong, have faith
It's all worth the wait
It's a light in the sky
That won't pass you by
It's a prayer, that you
Dream My Love Dream
With My Body And My Soul
Question Out My Faith
I'm Pledged To Be Your Lover
And After I Started Loving You
I Knew I'd Never Love
[Featuring Faith Evans] 
If you down to watch my back 
You could be my boo 
And if you're heart don't break 
Then you could be my