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Calling the day freedom will come 
And we will arise to real love 
Day by day, heaven will come 
And we`ll survive for real love 

Calling the day
I hear them calling for you
I hear them calling for you

I feel the waves getting started
It's a rush inside I can't control
Your eyes keep
Sympathize her pious pleasures, go down the stairs
Into the dark again
To feel alive again, and wait for

Real love
Or is it me you're after
Is it time
calling, calling for me
Silent tears are falling
On all that is real nothing is real

On wings of glory we shall arise
Destiny's calling
All that is
Once a true believer
Once there was a fire in your soul
You were the epitome of blessed faith astir
With thirst for holiness
And hunger for
Calling out for you're love babe)
Hear me now... do you read me?
In the shelter of my heart.
Here is no hurt to feel
Here is safe for lips unsealed
There are times
You live as if in a dream
Drawn by your heart to a distant door
One that opens
For a moment
To a world that you've never known
distant calling.
Riding on through night and day.
Rainbow demon,
Pick up your heart and run.
Rainbow demon,
Looks for his soul and is gone.

Words and Music by Neil Diamond
The man on the right is a man undone
He'd give you his soul if you asked him for some.
A child in his way for he
What you need is a real, real woman tonight
A real woman tonight
Someone that does you right
Keeps you awake at night now, honey
A real woman
He's calling you, He's calling you
Tell me what are you going to do?
Your time has come for a life brand new
He is calling you, He is calling you
the real thing
La la la la
La love
La la la
Love is the real thing
You know
Love is the real thing
La la la la

By the nightfall
They have driven
Who by very slow decay
And who shall I say is calling?

And who in her lonely slip, who by barbiturate
Who in these realms of love, who by something
of may,
Who by very slow decay,
And who shall I say is calling?

And who in her lonely slip, who by barbiturate,
Who in these realms of love, who by
deep within

Yes, God is real
Real in my soul
Yes, God is real
For He has washed
And made me whole
His love for me
Is like pure gold
You ever had a piece of pussy man,
That be on your mind like money?
(Yo like for real doe) like money?
Good joule, good joule, ha ha ha
Fosho fosho
Only people doing as they should
There is life in love and sound
Get as much as you can keep around
Before they put you into the ground

Pass me not, oh, gentle Savior
Hear my humble cry
While the others Thou are calling
Do not pass me by

I've got the feelin' and the feelin's not
pass us by
Are raindrops trembling upon your face, dear
Or are they teardrops for the love we knew?
Ciao, ciao, Bambina, my heart is calling 
But in the real world right now
You're weary, you're weak from the fight
Hope is calling out loud
Your freedom is waiting
Run into the light
This is real, can't you feel
Calling radio Tokyo
The kids are feeling way too low
They're on their knees
Won't somebody please just bring them home
If love is real why can't you take love
And lock love away in some safe place
Where you won't lose love and keep love
Each day untouched, so warm
month of May?
Who by very slow decay?
And who shall I say is calling?
(Who shall I say is calling?)

And who in her lonely slip?
Who by barbiturate?
stand up alone
Oh baby that is why

I'm real, real gone
I can't stand up by myself
Don't you know I need your help
You're a friend of mine
And I'm real
you'll be my one, my only everything 

I'll never be untrue 
And I promise that for all your love I will do anything 
I will give you the stars, I will