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In the morning when the moon is at it's rest,
You will see me at the time I love the best
Watching rainbows play on sunlight;
Pools of water iced
created by a single god
With a single thought, and a single plan
Single earth fashioned by a single hand
7 continents separated from a single land
Oh simple girl
Oh foolish man
Trying to bend these lovers rules
Into a simple plan 

Oh aching bones on sleepless bed
They toss and turn
we're happy tonight
Walking in a winter wonderland

Gone away is the bluebird
Here to stay is the new bird
He sings a love song, as we go along
And when you die no one will shed a tear
So pass me by don't need your hatred here

Got a master plan
Can't understand
People of the lie
It was a song about a pure and simple love.

There's a girl on heaven hill.
I come up to her cabin still.
She said Husker Du got huge.
Destiny didn't have such a simple plan (simple plan)
I was just a girl and you a young man
How could age define
Something so divine (so divine)
Can this
Listen to my voice
And please try to understand

The one you call Messiah is a lie
You are just a game and It has won
You are not the plan
And your
to disclaim, yeah, yeah

Making discos of your castles
We are tearing up your plans
We won't be xeroxed for the future
Filed by bureaucratic man, hot damn

knowing we've come so far, 
So far that we just might make it. 

Once and for all, search your heart 
And then I want you to decide. 
Is simple love
'Cause I will always be here by your side
Don't be mistaken there's still some work to do
Gotta get up every single day

Face the judge and jury
as your youthful body grows
Love for you is simple, it supplies you with your needs
In our world it's lethal for it bites the hand that feeds

Repeat chorus
would be getting dis jump like a girlie
Is if your father would've bothered to pull it out early
You ain't got a single drip drop, you're stripped
'Cause I will always be here by your side

Don't be mistaken there's still some work to do
Gotta get up every single day
Face the judge and jury
We don’t dream about each other anymore 
Spilled our souls and now we’re too close 
Close your eyes, accept a simple kiss goodnight 
From the one
What did you say to me
I'm not a novelty
You're playing revelry
But no one's listening
I am a simple man
Without a simple plan
Let's make it
it up as I go along with yours

I fix and I plan
But this is just mad
I love you
You're only a 100 pixels on a scan
know you're set for fighting, but what are you fighting for?

But the hardest thing Ill ask you, if you will only try
Is take your children by their
happy there 'til the day we die 
On a river of dreams 
And we'll have stars to wish on every single night 
We'll build a fire and make love by
those kind of glasses
I believe that it's so simple but sometimes it looks complicated
God's love is like sunshine not be recognized
The most powerful
he's a guru
You're one microscopic cog
In his catastrophic plan
Designed and directed by
His red right hand
And the Bowery and the slum
A shadow is cast wherever he stands
Stacks of green paper in his
Red right hand

You'll see him in your nightmares,
You'll see
wake each day and live
A life that's filled with simple miracles

Sometimes in the madness, I tend to forget
And I take your love for granted
And your plan is see through like seranne, 
Dried in the Sudan, 
You need to come with a new plan
Your loneliness was the cause of all of this behold 
I'm sorry that it took so long
To write this song
But I gave up
You see one million words can't describe
How it feels
To know your love