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Now, niggas salute me, bitches salute me
The block salute me, the hood salute me
You should salute me, they should salute me
So fuck who
the freedom they'd save

On the TV broadcast they said it won't last
All over by Sunday consigned to the past
The clean-up starts Monday despite the bomb
Murder rap shit, I spit, for the vets who love it

By the time you read this letter
Your head gon' fly off your shoulder for lying
And I'm a be in bed
During the last election we had a good deal of fun back east following your senatorial contest out here. I'm from Massachusetts, and I feel that we
I'm here by my window
I am waiting for your parade
I will salute you
From above the crowd
As you make your way
You won the battle baby
I'm just sayin, sayin
Who voted for that asshole of your nation?
Deja Bush, crushed by the headrush, when I wrote the bumrush
Saw you salute
and more land
Mercy mercy, understand
Less drowning, more land, less drowning

Come on kill the light
Leave it all behind
I'm right by your side, your
So as you stand there
Under grayclouded skies
Abandoned by your god
You know you're gonna die

You feel a sorrow
Surrounding you
As of the nine
you would last
Well took the wrong path, now your name is in the past

Another fuckin' lowlife connected to the first
A crooked cop on the take,
and speaking of
We was surrounded by it
And ducking all the jewels from the users on that diet
And we ain't have the heart to try it but saw the brave ones
Dying at the death of a neverending verse
Gasping and swallowing every last letter
Vocalised liquid holds the quench of your thirst
Reasons for
six feet down to its hole
But ere the last shovel of dirt falls on the wall of the box
We gravely offer a salute to those about to rot
So lift up
turbulent, who salute the worker ant?
Duke up to the firmament, overthrow the vapors
With a fail-safe method composed by your nosy neighbors
Like this
day's a holiday
Gettin paid, every day's a bottle day
And you ain't seen a pimp until you seen me on the corner
Last time your bitch chose me but I
Hip hop, a way of life
Chosen by the ghetto youth out of necessity
It involves graffiti, deejaying, breakdancing and emceeing
Which all rely on raw,
the Nightstick's heart pumps lemonade
And whiskey keeps a blind man talkin' all right
And I'm the only one who knows just where he stayed last night

He was in
to be a hero and never play the victim
Never start nothin', but we will finish it
So don't be so quick to run your lips
'Cause you could get slapped by
to all enemies, by your own fuckin penalties
Off with your dome I roam through your war zone with a platoon
full of soldiers with dust bones
Ain't nuttin
To salute the moon of our paradise lost and you're a spectator
Stringent, inch by sacred inch shoveling colon in my earthworm soul
Borough up through the dirt
Your girl used to suck dick do-ring detention 
You got dumped, she came up by spittin 
out nuts of every homey comin home from prison 
across your fucking ass
Instead I push the work in, chin up and chest out
Picking the shit up where I left off
You went soft intention too tenant
have me by
Nothin' like your last guy, he too square for you
He don't smack that ass and pull your hair for you
So I'm just watchin' and waitin'
For you
it's almost unbearable
Honey you not there when I'm
At the bar side let you have me by
Nothin' like your last guy, he too square for you
He don't
no fury
Like a woman scorned
But her loving was so good
That I ignored the forewarned
Naive was I to believe
That these feelings last forever
The last days of your life as a cancer patient
I'm staring at your corpse praying and waiting for you to awaken
21 gun salute for the hero, the burial was