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Of voices and pretty faces
I stay in crowd places
'Cause I need the body heat

Gimme, gimme your body heat
Save me from the blizzard
Gimme, gimme your
Of voices and pretty faces
I stay in crowd places
'Cause I need the body heat

Gimme, gimme your body heat
Save me from the blizzard
Gimme, gimme your
Fallen angel
Who's your savior tonight
You're surrounded by these walls and neon lights
Hungry people move like waves behind the beat
I'm burning up, baby

All I need, all I need is your body heat
Right next to me
All I need, all I need is your body heat
Oh my God it feels amazing
Because your heat is rising
Your heat is arising

Come young children one by one
Stare directly into the sun
Look in my eyes and point your steely guns
on a Saturday night
It was tragic, it's there on the street
The quicksilver and the warm jets
Make your leopard-skin dream complete

Intrigued by alcove
are ready to meet in the heat
Body to body vibrations are over the street
I am waiting for you with your sexy eyes
While the people are passing by
look much brighter
Though the heat's gonna carry on
We'll make it through

Look up look up, every minute every hour
Day by day, raise your head,

More heat needed melt your face white devils on the wire
More heat needed by your grace
Where there´s smoke there´s fire

I made it
the heat wave by letting her seat wave
And in such a way that the customers say that
She certainly can can-can

Her anatomy
Made the mercury
I come around like a little cat
First passed the lake, imagine that
Don't leave my dish outside
I wanna eat by the heat of your light

I woke up just
and store your knowledge safely
Your heart is good as gold, I got you in my fold

And if you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen
If you can't
by desire
In the heat of the night

I didn't mean to hurt your feelings
But our heaven had no ceiling
Now it seems we've lost our love, forever
Cause to stay, cause to action
Seal your fate with your passion

Start by present fire
And eternal heat
Fusion and pressing
Elemental state
of the crickets all around
In the heat

In the heat
They say you'll sell 
Your body to the heat

So he takes his muslin bag
To the well
Runs his fingers
your love can make me survive
The heat of emotion

And you got me by the neck
Took my breath away
When you told me 'cool it down'
'cause if love
Her face is shining when you close your eyes
When you feel the heat when the light is gone
You been burnt by the midnight sun
When you look for
you get
Don't be surprised by that effect, oh no

Hey, hey there sister 
What is holy in your life?
Hey, hey there brother 
What is sacred in your
for a sweet lady woman
To share a little body heat
Looking for love

Carry your egg like a concrete penguin
A concrete emperor
on you
Knotted by the screen door
Kidney stones for your black Irish
Praying by the steam heat
Built a ship to needle out of tune and well connected,
Eternal night encroaches
Disaster speaks his name
Ignite the fires of Hades
A world engulfed in flame
You burn - in hell
Visions shared by the blind

[Repeat: x12]
So he said," Head south!"

Struck by being ashamed of your old space
Just wanting that mean heat
You bleached your hair
eyes fixed straight ahead
They ride the line of balance and hold on by just a thread
But it's too hot in these tunnels, you can get hit up by the heat
is reconstituted by warm, molten enzymes
Slowly digested in microwaved slime
Your stomach is churning, heat effervescing your succus
Your innards
Knights in shining karma 
Tend your flame 
And with love for armor 
They'll remain 

Ever by your bed 
Guarding, still sleeping 
Shield your