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And they never would come down

Turn around and hold me
I'd like to see your face alone
I'm hoping there's someone home

[Instrumental Acoustic Guitar
lipstick traces on her mug. 
We watched each other closely 
She looks like Bela Lugosi, 
She asked me for a ride home 
I felt around for my comb, 
And in
the door: a guided tour; what we came here for
One: don't let the sun go down on
Two: love, but are undone by
Three: whose name is...
I won't even start
up and down like a U-N-L-V rebel
The answer be amongst us 'cause we rarely dig acoustics
Can't be too much flackin', not too much packin'
You must
I just don't know, feels like I been down this road before,
So lonely and cold, It's like something takes over me,
Soon as I go home and close
Frozen by the hands of time into a
Permenant Monday
Take me back into your arms
And don't ever let me go
'Cause when I see you walk through that door
the nine 
First I took two clips and then I took two more 
I was out the window cause by now they were right at my door 
I took three shots and then I
That will come back no more.

When it's 3 o'clock in the morning,
And something scared you from your breast,
I will gently rock you in my arms
Well, it's closing time, I've got no place to go
No, I'm not tired, nobody's waiting at home
Hey, what about you? Looks like you're leaving alone
you so much
I just can't wait to get my arms around you
And feel your touch
If I don't see you real soon baby girl, I might go insane
I know
Just one knock on my door
And when your people ask you
At home if you enjoyed the show

Did you like Clark Gable,
Say "l think so but I don't
as only a dream

The day you left home you got an early start
I watched your car back out in the dark
I opened the door to your room down the hall
left home you got an early start
I watched your car back out in the dark
I opened the door to your room down the hall
I turned on the light
And all that
Like honey in my mouth, gold golden goin' down
I shudder with wonder at what we will feel like together

I'm wrapped up like a gift, cut ribbon, feel

up so high, I see the school, 
8AM, that's the rule! 
Flying slowly, time is marking, 
Down below the dogs are barking, 
I feel like I'm sailing,
learned the music from way down there 

The real ones learn it somewhere 
Strum your guitar -- sing it kid 
Just write about your feelings -- not
Sixteen of June, nine-oh-five, door bell rings
Man at the door says if I want to stay alive a bit longer
There's three things I need you to know
off your arm
Remain nice and calm
Put down your things
Trinidad of the game know my way around your ring
No matter how many pounds you bring
life on the beach road
Far north, south west, down south east coast

I dunno but it feels so easy, coastal kids who just sing in the sea breeze
Lovin your kids just like you was ours
And I'm hurtin for you dog, but ain't nobody pain is like yours
I just know that heaven'll open these doors
pain is like yours
I just know that heaven'll open these doors
And ain't no bright side to losin life; but you can view it like this 
God's got open
"Hey punk, you forgot your chair!"
And by the look in his eyes, I knew that this was the end.

Then he body slammed me two or three times
And he put
I'll be home for Christmas
I'll be home just in time
I can't wait 'til I see you
Feel your heart next to mine

We'll be together again like
When summer falls asleep
And winter plucks your strings
The colder that you get
Makes you feel at home

Build it up, tear it down, throw it out
and bright
And you go home in the crispness of the night

Little later friends will be along
And if you feel like joining the throng
Just might feel like