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the motor running and parked by the door

Yeah, I was foolish and wild
She was classic and regal
We were fresh out of school
Both barely legal
We were
Hold a Stone Isle profile 
Mix between Malcolm X and Sef when I go wild 
Hold mics like a second nut until the second coming
Humming coming
see your pretty face

And every second that goes by
I think of all the reasons why
My life gets better everyday

When I'm with You [x10]

It doesn't
You gave me language as a gift, I turned it against you
I was stupid, I was young, I was hanged by my Judas tongue
You shouldn’t give weapons
for the young yacht owner
See there's everybody else then there's one top loner
First place is often the worst place
But fuck it I love it here I
So mr cabdriver turn that up to ten
We got places to be we need the inspiration
I feel like we're invincible
Tonight's gonna be epic I'm losing
Introducing ladies and gentlemen 
The young man that's had over thirty-five soul classics 
Among these classics are tunes that will never die
remember all my thoughts
(thinking how beautiful life was)
So wonderful to be young
So beautiful to be young
Remembering how, how to be young

One by
[Chorus: x2]
I've been around the world I ya
Freak so many girls I ya
The women I done seen I ya
Some freaky little things I ya

Yo, ya bet
that big dog life
You love to live just like a young'n Weezy by here
And I love to see you do so
I love my Coupe blow on them deuce-o's
I love a cute
about that
Its about us bending like vocals on ill tracks
Classic, like a novel by Stephen King
Always resting by the revel where a social reign
When I first heard this song, I was a little boy growing up
Down in the state of South Carolina
The song had been written and recorded by a man
the microphone and I'm gone take it away

Every time I spit I blow one or two speakers
Top model diva but my name not Eva
Yeah I bring fever rocking classic
me by the weigh-in
It's hard to grasp some of the shit I be sayin'
It fly's over your head like a second string is
You can't comprehend me 
you work harder or less

(Young Chris)
Just give it all to my daughter wit death
Until then love me
Cee and Neef baby give us a second
Stand tall when
of my classes
Hit me in the hood, red carpet, pants saggin
Rob you on Front Street in 75 classic
My potnahs know I'm good in the hood besides rappin
First things first girl,
Recognize who is with you now
Second thing, can't blame me for how
You were treated before I came
See I'm not Steven,
This is classic shit right here, vintage shit
Go get ya tape decks ready
You know I had to bring 'em back
Terror era's the squad man
are young, and the old are old
And there are no shades of gray in between

There´s at least ten different strains of smoke in the air
And my prints
[Sample and scratch over Mobb Deep - Give Up The Goods]:
"I got lots of love for my crew that is" x 3

Young buck in the game
(Baby of BigTymer$)
Nigga we don't drop albums, we drop classics

Verse 1:

I ain't even gotta tell you how Cash Money Roll
I ain't even gotta tell
Slap hands with my mans by the walls we play
Now, waist chains and cami-flauge complete sag
Live pools, my squad rules
From solar to lunar, cheap

Well it's the second verse and,
No need for rehearsin',
I be the rhyme animal,
Live and in person,
want to give a shout to all the real
don't know
Lookin' at me baby wit ya eyes on gold
Spittin' no game I can see u chose
A young lil' playa
Chevrolet on 4's
Came by lost Cheri we both
Yeah, uh huh

Uh, hardly home but always reppin',
You hardly on and always second,
When I'm awake you always restin',
And when they call you