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I was living rather quietly by my village in the trees
Don't bother anybody and they don't bother me
I'm always kind to passers-by, I never make
Manipulator of oak, the sick joke
liars want to be real and conceal the nose growth
in the first row a the show, try to front you get choked
Slayed Bambi,
every day, I graduated from biscuits
I don't do karate so why lil shawty wanna kick it
The Audi got four rings, it think a nigga in the Olympics
I be
want to be free again and fly away
To the place where love is
And there's no pain
Now I cross my heart and I hope to fly
The skies so high
All my
Look you right in the eyes and tell ya "we don't know who did it"
Corrupted by street corner by shootin' at the police
The feins up all night
From one Jesus to another napalm can be a treat
Religion is only cold comfort 'cause Judas Iscariot was a cheat
Bullet holes in my mirror
is where you'll find my boys and me
This All-American dream's more like a nightmare to me
And I wanna do is wake up

How much money will it take
Yo yo
This jam right here dedicated to all the little bad knuckleheads runnin'
Gettin' in trouble
Just follow your dreams and you'll be
No I don’t shine in front of no bitch
Cause after she get off my dick
I be like "Find the front door, bitch"
I don't know why in the fuck your
In san francisco you can be mayor at 18
But ya gotta be 26 to drive a cab

What goes on
Is not what we're told to see

Patrick henry said "Give me
to explode her
So I can get older
Get on with my life

I wanna live in a Restaurant
When I'm through with you
I'll be laughing cause it's funny
You'll be less
Actually, I was never conceived. 
And I don't expect to be believed, 
But I've found my mouth stitched shut with glossy pink thread. 
And when I
and I stop it, I'm makin a profit Every time you hear my vo-cals comin out them lo-lo's From LA to NY, on the red-eye Teflon in my luggage, you gotta love
win the Cy Young 
For throwing raps more harder than pitches by Nolan Ryan 
Right down the center I enter like The Dragon 
With fire in my eyes watch
be sickly
Or let your lead spread incredibly quickly
I move bravely, travellin' on a horse
On the battlefield, surrounded by the lost
Of those who
Seeds can't be saved by JESUS Of Nazareth
Sell my nigga weed, its halarious
They squeese at the cabbages, seeds in the carrage's (the kids)
Disney card
Wrote “best wishes,” and “kisses” where she signed it
3 feet by 2 feet, I coulda hid behind it
I didn’t like the pity from Christina Li
with black hearts, and one of pure hearts,
In a ruse to to fill my head with black thoughts and blast off like James Bond
Like Johnny Storm, I flame
Seeds can't be saved by JESUS Of Nazareth
Sell my nigga weed, its halarious
They squeese at the cabbages, seeds in the carrage's (the kids)
been great Dame
My bitch is a great dame, my dog is a GREAT DANE
You know me I'm from the 2-4 and A train
Now I got 6 homes, 10 cars, 8 names
I might be
I am, you're buggin'
Bugs ain't the coolest in the land, you're buggin
Eh, you'll be buggin'

Got a gi-url-friend Lola, she's a fox
Ain't no bunny
by that
That day I told you that was how I wanted me and my brothers to be and me and my niggas to be
And then we went to this little private party,
a river, 
So gentle and slow, with you by my side 
These Tennessee nights will go on forever 
Cause here in my heart you'll always be mine 

Here in my
And when it's done right, corporations think its marvelous
They feed us these ideas and then we place 'em in our hearts to sit
It's why players are good
If they say it, we do it, yo, I'm tryna tell y'all man
The system created the stereotype for the Black image
That's why my people are scared to be