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(Yo Wayne Wonder, you ready to talk to the girls, let's go)

[Verse 1: Wayne Wonder + (Wyclef Jean)]
I will be knockin by the time me come
As the cars go by 
Under the sun like an enemy
You wonder, you wonder, you wonder 

As a spider comes 
And looks at you like an enemy 
do nothing, baby
You wouldn't do anything I asked to
You ran away from your home, woman
And now you try to run away from Johnny too

You know I
the place where you walked through
But I wouldn't want a life without you
No I wouldn't want a life without you

Everytime you go away
There are some
Mercedes cool 
Got your wife at my house and she naked too 
And all my niggas all around us saying shake it boo 
Go ahead do what you do 
It's weezing
Cristi seems so far away
And I'm not talkin' 'bout the miles
There ain't much I wouldn't give today
Just to see one of your smiles

But I'm stuck here
time to wonder why

We'd like to take life over again
When time of war had passed away into the rain
And watch a John Wayne movie
To remind us
How could you leave me all alone to weep my life away
How could you go you know this town just wouldn't be the same
Keep Baltimore beautiful stay
Cause I still go on loving you in my heart


I wonder to this day
Why I let you slip away


Oh, you and me, used to be, what

Words & Music by Larry Wayne Clark and Buddy Jewell
© 2000 All Rights Reserved, Brainchild
wouldn't know the sting of the rain
I could stand strong and still
Watching you walk away
I wouldn't hurt like this
Or feel so all alone
I wish I was cold
Corpus Christi seems so far away
And I'm not talk'n 'bout the miles
And there ain't much I wouldn't give today
Just to see one of your smiles
make these walls?

[Verse 3: Lil Wayne]
Yea, I'm with you
My shovel get me to your level
Cause I dig ya
I Stevie Wonder, ponder, think, figure, dream
'd always be here by my side
They gave me warnings that you wouldn't do me right
That long ago the goodness in you died

Making heartaches ending someone's
I wish I could be in Knoxville tonight so I wouldn't worry if you were all right
And you wouldn't wonder where I spent the night
If I could only be
he swervin' by
That's your issue - God bless ya - you deserve to die

[Lil Wayne]
Which one of these niggas playin' with me?
I'ma strap up
Take my doubts away disguster
Let's go play - L E T ' S G O P L A why

I'd rather be that sheep
Military machine

I wouldn't want to be 
Living in a world of ecstasy with you

Taken' away your companies
Takin' away your societies and go
the piper call the tune, watch the servant beat his master 
And wonder why I never asked her peace of mind 

Wouldn't you like to know I love you 
Downtown, stoplight, red car rolls by.
What else can I do, but wonder if it's you.
Scanning the stations, every song they're playin'
is like
Eyes to take you dancing 
Mouth to leave your wife 
Legs to run away with 
And you wonder why? 

Heart that makes you bypass 
Every other girl
when you're so far away

Oh, innocence has passed you by a long, long time ago
I was the fly upon your wall and I saw what you know
Your pornographic
Well, that's just your old rock (just your old rock) a-rolling away.

I was a rock standing strong for you
For there was nothing that I wouldn't do
If you drive around
Back in our old hometown
I wonder do you think of me
When you drive by a school
Do you remember two fools
I wonder do you
If you should change your name
I'll love you just the same
And if you should run away
I would save your place
So you can go, go, go
If you want