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I owe my last ride to you

Heaven and hell ride in tandem
I used to mix them up at random
I spent my youth on a reckless futile race
our hands, my love is here to stay

So get used to me checking in all day
Get used to me falling through just to see your face
There in the moment I
why it's only done out of love
What I wouldn't give for one mo' hug, from grandma

[Chorus: Faith Evans]
Baby it's gon' be okay (she used to tell me
black sister
Gotta make her richer
So tell me what's real, partner

[Break - Sir Mix-A-Lot]
(Da-da-da-down for mine)
(You gon' buy me a motherfuckin car?)
down and speed it up up
You're body bang
See that double butt mix with whats up in my cup
Makes me want you in this club club!
You're body bang, bang
It used to be so full of faith and now it only hurts
And I can hear the devil whisper
"Things are only getting worse"
You left my heart as empty
stage, I am the dragon
Maserati, pumpin' Biggie, the great legend
Blastin', I'm after the actress who played Faith Evans
My little Jackie Onassis, dig?
passin’ you niggas was straight assin’
Excuse the vulgarity, I’m still not fully adjusted
Or used to the new fans hearin’ me spit rapidly
I never see
no abortion, had a son
By the name of Seven
And he's five
By the time I do this mix, he'll probably be six
You do the arithmetic
Me do the language
I believe in you
If you believe in me
And I believe that faith and hope and love brings harmony
United once again
We'll stand there hand in hand
love you nigga
She just used to you nigga, oh boy

I can't tell but I need to know just how you feel
I can't hold it inside I've got my pride so tell me
a suite, order something to eat
Tell me things about you (c'mon) and I'll tell you things about me
(Let's go)

[Chorus: Faith Evans]
Sure enough riding,
routine player
I'mma go get 'em, mix 'em up like a dealer
Man three is company, b**** call me Jack Tripper

Step up out the club wit a dizzy head
I got
When I think  how life used to be, Always walking in the shadows.
Then I look  at what you've given me, I feel like dancing on my tip toes.

I must
motherfucker on this floor
I got game, I got fame, I got cash, I got love
I got so many hoes, i’m bout to open a club
You got me, I got you, you got one, I
should thank you gentleman
For this life that you brought me
Now move on down the road

I remember how I used to say

They can't stop me
everything, she got a fool in love (fool)
Gave it up to me and gangsta after the club

If I was fucking you, I'd be pakin the piss
The horny weight dick
When me gotta get mine
You know what I want
But do Koopsta gets it
Storm on this bitch
Like some new used confetti
Astronomical Triple 6
inside I've got my pride so tell me what's the deal
(What's the deal?)
Is it love, or just could it be, that you're used to me?
(She used to you nigga!)
[Notorious B.I.G + (Faith Evans)]
To my motherfuckin' man, fifty grand, the alcoholic man
Inject a tall can to his blood stream if he can
Back when Mark Walhberg was Marky Mark
This is how we used to get the party start
We used to mix hen' with bacardi dark
And when it kicks in, you can
Back when Mark Walhberg was Marky Mark
This is how we used to get the party start
We used to mix hen' with bacardi dark
And when it kicks in, you can
blinded by the deepest of despair
Oh, she loves me, I guess too much and I let her down somewhere

So trusting when I met her, she had so much faith in me
Got game listening to her mother's pearls
And she love Beyonce cause she run the world
Her mama used to run this city
Way back before the nigga Puff
Herschelwood Click and you niggas can't forget

Me mugs get slugs when you fuckin' with thugs
I pushed and shoved for ghetto love, affiliated with drugs
And uh,