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Now everything is gray, when trouble comes we pray
Somethings gotta change

[Chorus: Rance Allen]
I've seen the lightning flashing
And I heard... I
That you might need convincing too, that I'm a faithful family man

Jane Allen went to her bed smiling but without me
I don't know how to tell
pushed away you were lead astray
You were dragged up the garden path
I made damn sure that I never (Ever)
Did things by half
Trust me
Trust me
pushed away you were lead astray
you were dragged up the garden path
i made damn sure that i never (EVER)
did things by half
trust me
trust me
his servant to the town, 
Sent him to her dwellin'.
"My master's sick and and he sends for you
If you are Barbara Allen."

Then slowly, slowly she
in daddy
Just to take him at his word
Just to rest upon his promise
Just to know that it was said by god

So daddy, daddy, how I trust you
Mow I
Trust me,
I don't know where I'm going, you can drop me there.

Don't understand how the roles are reversed
And now it's me that's freaked out by
Somebody told me that I could not make it
Somebody told me that I could not take it
I cannot go by what I see
But I'm trustin' and believin'
To know you, is to love you, 
And I love you 'cause I know you 
Are such a sweetheart 
That when you walk down the street, 
Everyone's heart,
of a star standing by, above you 
If you'll only say "I love you!" 

There's a door of dreams that only lovers know 
Through that door of dreams, just those
at the end, round by the corner
Close to the edge, just by a river
Seasons will pass you by
I get up, I get down
Now that it's all over and done
Now that
stayed and wonder why, are to blame, oh
And all the times that I'm reminded by, I'm ashamed, oh yeah

You can't trust a cold blooded lover
You can't
(will jennings/stephen allen davis)

Everytime I feel how life goes by
I recall the scenes that never die
One fine day
One fine night
scene replays
Of you walking away
My body aches from mistakes
Betrayed by lust
We lied to each other so much
That in nothing we trust
Time and again
And with a little more love, girl I know that it's just
Just a matter of trust

Girl, if you really want me, I really want to be
Right there by your side
that you supplin' 
Can't make a better ticket that's me and weird science 
She love me even though I'm fat, I rance the track 
My pants are saggin',
To get you buffin', it's you they got cuffin'
Your family they did not believe me
Till they heard it for themselves on TV
I called the crib, the clock
scene replays
Of you walking away
My body aches from mistakes
Betrayed by lust
We lied to each other so much
That in nothing we trust
Time and again
of you leaving me
I get so shook up to drive me on my edge
And if you put your trust in me, I won’t let you down
I bet you got that, our destiny is you
'Cause the man that you are is to find
By the way you act in the light
Break or seize me
If the flame gets blown out in the shine
I will know that you can
in me, 
Your sacred trust. 

I follow my heart that leads me to you, and all that my love should be, 
And you can be sure I'm doing it for your
to do, what to do now
Only the Lord knows and He ain't you

I talk to my teacher, I talk to my deacon
Talk to my sister, talk to my friends
Hit by
Written by billy burnette, deborah allen, and rafe vanhoy.
My heart is hanging on every word you say
Right now all logic's stripped away
(R Palmer/ Jo Allen)

You are already dealing
In the terms I dream
Through all the chaos
You're my order in between
Possible sacrifices,
I will know
Deep in my heart
The only dream that
Mattered had come true
In this life, I was
Loved by you

For every mountain
I have climbed