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must, I must increase my bust

I've got to admit I'm obsessed by tits
I've had this problem since I was a kid
I used to look up to my Auntie Marie
overheard my parents say
In spite of me he will transport you.
So arise, my love, and go away,
I wish to God Id gone before you.

Oh must I go, to her he
the redman's

Guide of a ship
On the first Columbus trip (pedro alonzo nino)
Was a brown man

The railroads for trains
Came on tracking that was laid
bloodied by your clients and
You're off to work with your
Briefcase full of guts

Door to door you are searching for a buyer
Who will take the terms
Only Jah you must praise
Strive not with a man without cause
If he have done no harm
Let by gone be by gone

Said I had a close one yesterday
Only Jah you must praise
Strive not with a man without cause
If he have done no harm
Let by gone be by gone

Said I had a close one yesterday
Down in some lone valley in a lonesome place
Where the wild birds all whistle and their notes do increase
Farewell Pretty Saro I must bid you adieu
there is a way
The way of things, there is a way
There is a way
By it you learn you will increase
A million ways to hear its voice
And you will
Strike my name from the book of life
Inscribed forever in the book of death
Destroyer, life-taker, the end and the omega
Death walks behind you
featuring Keith Murray  Redman 

Whoop Whoop(8x) 


Funky dilemmas  destroy mc's by process of elimanation 

Ghetto linger
with no authority
There is only one name by which you may be saved
That's the name of Jesus Christ
You must realize death is the result of sin
half-witted fans will get out of control.


But how can we stop him? 
His glamour increases 
By leaps every moment; he's top of the poll.
In world news today officials agree that rapper Brad Jordan alias Scarface must be stopped 
After being monitored by secret service agents for two
I know it's not like me to
Hold back but this time I knew
You must be silent to
Increase the volume

In your head
Blood run red

"The ?"
(feat. Redman)

Man he must of bumped his motherfucking head or something
Yo M.C.'s out there, you betta stand clear
make me laugh)
The best we've heard (you must he daft)
False modesty is not for me
The way to skin a rabbit the way to comb a hare
I know
to the top
And let your body not reject me babe
I'm gonna make you really love me
I'm gonna make you scream don't stop
But you must first respect his lady
a cousin or friend play my CD when you guzzlin' Gin
Come down but then recite it when you buzzin' again
You must respect the flow
Point blank I'm
the mirror being followed by the hogs 
One time's on my motherfuckin' line 
Why the fuck the swine had to get behind a nigga like me 
They must thind I'm
not leave Him to His own devices
His half-witted fans will get out of control
How can we stop Him?

His glamor increases by leaps every minute
He's top
You're screaming: 

"Sweetie, the moon has raped me -- 
It has left its seeds like a tomb inside me 
So I must learn to abort these feelings 
Fascism, the epitome of ignorance
Listen up, I'll give you a for instance
People go hating for the color of skin
Won't they learn they'll never
when attack
A hundred times, more power, poundin' media shower
I confront you wise man or spring off like Geechie Dan
In a land, enchanted by crystal
you're buffer
But I'll just buck them bigger motherfuckers
Turnin' men to suckers
Niggas wanna start a little ruckus
Better duck cause I'll be poppin'
you'd embrace
I am the queen; I'm pure and loved by everyone

Come enter, here's my code
Through the world wide wire you'll know me
The queen of her