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Calmed the heart of a lonely lady,
You kept me flying high,
And the leaving easy.
And it's Dallas in the rain,
And I was dreaming.

October winds
Her hair was golden brown and she wore blue jeans
And she told me that she cried a lot
I told her not to worry 'bout the little things
standing by the live oak tree, in our yard on Canyon Lake
And I'm driving under miles and miles of clear blue Texas skies
Some strangers in a pick-up truck,
And life is so insane
Look what I became
Tryna make a name
All my first dates are interrupted by my fame
Because every picture taken is a fan that you
Look what I've became,
Tryna make a name
All my first dates are interrupted by my fame
Because every picture taken is a fan that you can gain
They love
that you can gain
They love it when you smile unaware that it's a strain
It's a curse you gotta live with when you born to entertain
Women need
By David Jones
I wake to the sun shining,
Orange and blue skies
Oh, what a feeling deep inside,
It's so hard for me to hide.
You cannot imagine
oh, whoa, oh

It only took your angel smile
To make the music move me
And my feet start running wild
(You made my feet start running wild)

Somehow it seems you always keep me crying I must look my best to you and I am blue
You don't want me and I can't live without you
It makes you happy
And it's true that I don't work near as hard
As you tell me that I'm supposed to
I don't run as fast as I could
But I live just the way I want
And fall just walked up
And said good morning
How can I fix you coffee
If you live so damn far away from me 

We parted ways by November
and a family to call mine
Oh, it's the little things that always get me by
Yeah, it's the little things, that always makes
Always makes me smile

of the sky
And wonder how You decided to make it that blue
And once again, I'm amazed

I see the miracle of a baby being born
And wonder how You give us life
sky blue

You make me smile
You make me sing
You make me scream
You make me, everything
You make me, me

What lesson has the Lord thrown up for
Dreams take a while

Senorita glad to meet ya, 
did your daddy treat you mean?
I know what you mean
Oh Chiquita kinda makes me weep to see ya
Live in
alone to live in misery
I'm gonna call and make a reservation for me

Gonna ride a blue train, gonna ride a blue train
Gonna ride a blue train, gonna ride
And every sign of autumn now is bound to make me blue
The last time I had autumn I had you
The last time I had autumn I had you

The crooked streets
of fifties and hundreds
He kept in the glove box of his old gray Impala

And we're all gonna be here forever
So mama, don't you make such a stir
Just put
And nothing matters anyway
When October winds take hold
When you're down that dank dark road
Maybe nothing matters anyway
III: Camouflaged In Blue
and I turned you over
When you mention blue

Kill, smile, cut it out for me this time 
Smile, haven't seen him smile in awhile. 

Keep the mask
, I'm so happy
I'll make you smile and tears will just go away
Ooh-ho, 'cause I know, I have tried it
And I shall always, always live by it
Thank Him
It's Your World and your smile turns on my sunshine
You have all the power it takes to make me blue
You control the way I feel both day and night
When I think of you (smile)
You make me smile
Sometimes you make me smile
I can feel you
I'm missing you

Where is my heaven?
Where can you
You set everything right just to make me happy 
(happy, baby)
You served me hand to foot
And did everything it took just to keep me happy
In the fall,
We circle through the leaves
And talk about the little ones.
And we smile, but never say too much.
The moment always vanishing.
One by