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Where did I see those eyes?
Why do I feel your heat?
How do I know your name?
When did we ever meet?

Did you just pass me by?
When did I smell
Streamline, goldmine, nighttime, summertime, feeling fine
Saturation point is reached by nine
Your circulation elevated mine
I was a bar room
Lady luck I want you 
Bumping by my side 
Like a silk shod connector 
On a midnight ride 

Sensation Boulevard 
(I got to go) 
Sensation Bouleva
don't shine
I guess I'm gonna have to give you something else of mine
Would you like that, would you like that
You can have this, if you want this
To keep it from my blue eyes
To know me is no sin

And I won´t break you, China girl
If you take me into your world
It´s been my good
love is grown?

The way I tremble at the sight of you
I want to learn to love you through and through
This I'll vow
You should know by now

Hmm by
as mother`s milk
And clear as the wind
Wrap the dead in a pleat of silk
Blue is the color to be buried in

When you left
Leaving nothing behind
know I can't refrain
Sitting in your room
Sadly spinning your cocoon
All the magistrates
Are waiting for you to bloom
The silk menagerie you weaved
Don't you know that ????
That's what you'll be saying
And you know that I'll be staying
So conjunction, junction was your function
Do you want me
to play
Should have let my head rule my heart along the way
I really wanna know you
When you’re smiling, there in your attire
Fancy styling
Right here by the fire
Quite beguiling, my, don’t you inspire
I’m santarrific if I do say

Voice 2: By the way, I'm sweet. I'm like a chocolatly sweet. Can i get you guys anything?

Voice 1: You can get me a lemon because I'm sour.
Lady luck I want you 
Bumping by my side 
Like a silk shod connector 
On a midnight ride 

Sensation Boulevard 
(I got to go) 
Sensation Bouleva
hey, nigga pull that motherfucker, hey!
Hey! Hey hold on playboy
Hey pull that motherfucker over dude

I know he is not about to bring his
How much is it worth to live in L.A.?
That land of silk and money where the pretty people play
When they itemize insanity, how much will you pay?
world looking back at me now

Oh I've never seen the winter lights on the lake

I want to swim your silk black skin to the floor
On lava moons a song
For real, I know we from different sides and all
And I ain't even goin' lie, I'm a thug
But I got a question for you
Could you see
I like
Lucky for you, that's what I like, that's what I like
Sex by the fire at night
Silk sheets and diamonds all white
Lucky for you, that's
'll never cold

Lost as we spin
I'll sew you in
This perfect dress
Skin of our skin

Woven our hands
Silk is our breath
Wear it for you
This perfect dress
Butterfly girl with your wings of silk and satin
Fly so free
Butterfly girls I know you know what’s happening
Fly to me

Long time ago, when I
What a dream, 
I could be 
Silk of softness
Why alone 
I'll be lonely 
With you
Do I want 
For diamond skies
Will you take me

Well take a look at that
I made a castle in the sand
Saying this is where it's at you know
Couldn't understand now
If I realised that the chances
You know the 48 Crash come like a lightning flash (48 Crash, 48 Crash)
And the 48 Crash is a silk sash bash (48 Crash, 48 Crash)
48 Crash, 48 Crash
me and
I'll take my cue
Ain't you guessed by now
I'm sold on you

The late bus is leaving
From the lonely station
So grab your silk stockings
Well when you're sitting there in your silk upholstered chair
Talkin' to some rich folk that you know
Well I hope you won't see me in my ragged