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I might've hung up my shotgun
But I didn't put it up so high
That I can't reach up and get it back down, if you give me a reason why
Still got
I was hoping you'd answer with flowers
Then I sat by myself
To watch the hours
But you didn't come boy
Not a word, not a call, not a thing
just hung around
By the next time I seen you
Your love had grown cold
So I guess you broke my heart
Back where the dogwood flowers grow

yeller moon shinin' on the cool clear evenin'
God's little lanterns twinklin' on and off in the heavens
Like I explain'd to you once before I ain't no
God I was fool 
Cursing at the heavens
While you hung the moon

Don't go now
Oh little darling won't you stick around
Little girl you know you set
so wide
It's you must come to my chamber there and lie down by my side"
So he wrapped his fiddle in a cloth of green and he stole out on his
you didn't quite understand our new style of
(Don't worry, we can fix that right now)
So why don't you all just grab your bags
hung by the wire of the plug tune
(hmm-mm, hmm-mm, hmm-mm, hmm-mm, hmmm)
(i can't twist your arm and make you stay with me)
(are you ready for this?)
be, 'cause if you try to grieve me
You'll be hung by the wire of the plug tune

I can't twist your arm and make you stay with me
(Are you ready for
the light o' day or under the peak-faced moon;
In cabin or dance-hall, camp or dive, mucklucks or patent shoon;
On velvet tundra or virgin peak, by glacier,
never been rode

An old fleabitten gray we called Snake

Ol snake was a bad one he'd kick and he'd bite

That's how he come by his name

He'd fight you
Now the night before Christmas, I was sitting in my house
And there wasn't nothing  moving around, not even a mouse.
The socks were hung by
over four hundred years
how many times have you lied cheated acted conceited
didn't needed you want it
how many times runnin
how many scars and cuts
In order for us to write out a report
You must have evidence of some sort"
Well, I didn't even get a chance to interrupt
Cause the next thing I