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that? Mother Nature with them strong winds
And oh, my Peace Productions like the Q
As in Quincy when he did that Thriller, Michael Jackson blew
Like I'm James Brown or Michael Jackson
You came in set off a chain reaction
I can't control my two feet
You sure know how to move me
like the S1's, cause my crew carry big guns
to blow up, anybody in the range
And plus I'm bad as Michael Jackson, even though he +Dangerous+
E Double
Since Michael Jackson made rock wit you
I done did shit on logical
Maybe cause we did the impossible
Maybe we done did the impossible

No matter what
I'm attractive, I'm handsome, I'm gorgeous
But back in the day you used to say you can't afford this
I wreck shops and got props from New York to Cali
a nigga and a white
If a nigga don't win, we all jump in
Wanna be me, but you can't see me
'cause I don't rap like Michael Jackson those little wee-wees
wouldn't help you on that mic you're on
While you were getting off I still had my rock on
Things went from bad to worse for you like Michael Jackson
do anything for Monster Crack
Give away her body, steal from her brother
Fight her father or sell her mother
Cause when you're possessed by Crack, God
It's been two years, man
Of, of, of waitin'

[Michael Jackson:] "Can it be I stayed away too long"

From my supporters and my
of the action 
Man they start rememberin more times than Michael Jackson 

But I can't fade to the tag-alongs 
That want me to drag em on 
Frontin like
Lil Jon with the beat (jeah!) and now them hoes want to call ya
I ain't Michael Jackson the P won't quit
I'd rather be judged by 12 than carried by 6
melodic  robotic steez o blur your optic 

So you can't see the topic  condition combo 

Blaze bring the heat to your Mourning like Alonzo 

But the minuses behind make it seem like you can't win!

Throw your neck out! Throw your back out!

Round two, a single parent, what is Big to do?
can't run, in and out game
Hit you from the back, probably get you with the mouth game
Ain't nobody business, this is our thing (jam)
Spit all
The Baby Boom
Has Come Of Age
We'll Work It Out

I Told My Brothers
Don't You Ask Me
For No Favors
I'm Conditioned By
The System
Don't You Talk
like Michael Jackson and "Remember the Time" (Do you remember?)
Put on your dancin' shoes or somethin cause you sure can't rhyme

(Big up, big up!)
big family
And the truth, you know love is all we need

We are the world
We are the children
[Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson]
We are the ones

Loose the pounds
You gotta by now
Here's the number 
To save your soul
Breaking news 
Another Michael Jackson scandal 

I got the perfect
rule yo
Get in, then we win and do it all again, ho

From the floating death, to the fire of death
To a flower outside of my grave and oh man
Were you
wafers in a villa, illest nigga alive
Michael Jackson thriller

And baby
It's amazing I'm in this maze with you
I just can't crack the code
One day
bang nigga

Yeah, nigga
And if the devil die today, I'mma treat it like it's a holiday
Bout the Michael Jackson, beat it, I mean it, I got a powder day
kid, and not the Blonde Ambition
Mackaframa, fly mack-dose
Got props from North South, East and the West coast
Like Michael Jackson boy, just _Leave Me
you you can't do "The Butt" off this music
You can't do "The Wop," can't do nuttin' else off it
Can't do the "Michael Jackson"
Only thing you can do
for butt sex 

I can't disguise myself like Michael Jackson 

The flasher, are you ready for action? 

Chorus: cool Keith 

Make up your
the baby boom has come of age, we'll work it out.
I told my brother, don't you ask me for no favors,
I'm conditioned by the system, don't you talk to me,