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You are the saint I am the sinner
You laugh as my heart turns to stone
You are the saint I am the sinner
Prey til my flesh hits the bone
Let it out, I wanna hear your thunder
Sinners! Are you ready to rage?
Loud and proud, I wanna hear your thunder
Saints! Don’t be afraid
The man
Stranded but I will never lay down come on

Break out, rise up from oblivion
Rise up, sinners an saints
Break out, rise up from oblivion
Rise up, black
friend of sinners, the one who's writing in the sand
Make the righteous turn away and the stones fall from their hands
Help us to remember we are all
it out on my arm
It's the only way that I can feel
One tempts the saint and the other takes the sinner away

Sung by the choir whose lungs are
are exchanged
It's a hospital for sinners ain't no museum of saints

You'll sin till you drop
Then ask to be saved
If it's a comeback you want
standing still, I am lying in wait
Wait for it, wait for it
Everyone faces an endless uphill climb
You got something to prove, you got nothing to lose
'm a sinner
Without you I'm a saint
Without you I can't do it
Without you I just can't

Hey what am I gonna do?
What am I gonna do with you by my side?
All at war in me

You are the beginning
And You are the end
Into Your great reversal
I am born again

A beautiful redemption,
You leverage even
the light
A saint is a sinner
A sinner is a saint
It's all just the cloaks we hide behind
A cartoon in the brain
And I say: "All of these things
the one they left behind,
So I called you up,
You left your love and took me away,
Though I've left you many times before
You are just a sinner.

I am
and I am you

So go ahead and point your fingers
Tell me who to love is it him or her?
When will you see this is who I am
Natural born sinner
an age of wonder
Truly we are living in an age of wonder

You'll forgive me if I seem somewhat vexed by your statement
However, um, if that is the way you
Make you lose your mind
You can run, 
but you know you can't hide
are you a Saint or a Sinner inside?
I will,
Take you by your soul,
Make you lose
Natural born sinner

I'm not gonna change
So stay out of my way
I don't need you to understand
That I'm already saved
Maybe you should stop
I stand accused, I have designs on you
I can't reveal what I've a mind to do
I am no angel can't you see
- no wings have I
So what would you want
Redeemed by your mercy 
Consumed by your grace 
Now I live for you 

I'm found in the arms of love 
For your love it has saved my soul 
'm so lonesome I could cry

The silence of a falling star
Lights a purple sky
And I wonder where you are
I'm so lonesome I could cry

Well maybe
Screaming on the inside
I am frail and withered
Cover up the wounds
That I can't hide
Walls that lie between us
The saint within the sinner
through' the rain
Winter! (x2)
Here they are again
Eager for my essence
Warriors, bearers of peace
Sinners and saints dressed in innocence
Winter days ...
sinners were saints I'd have nothing to hide
If wishes were horses beggars would ride
[ steel ]
If being happy means riches then a proper I would be
When You speak, the fiercest of oceans are still
And I see the sinner seek devotion
The lost become chosen, and I fall to my knees

Fall to my knees
Live by any means necessary
Die by any means necessary

I am not judgmental
A sinner nor a saint
'Cause either you're my best friend or you
don't even belong there.

Oh Lord, can't you make a sinner a saint,
Why did you start me but run out of paint,
Pass me by, a no-'count yellow man.

With a twisted grin
If this is the party for the saints and the sinners I say
Let me in

I am the onion
I'm the spice of life but I can make you cry