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the hill
There's soda pop and the dancin's free
So if you want to have fun come a- long with me.
[Kenny Chesney:]
Say Hey, Good Lookin', whatcha got
The days seem so familiar
There's something about the evenings
Even though they change every now and then
(Kenny Chesney):
Well I can be myself
be busy

Country Weekly news, ain't much changed
It all sounds the same since he went home
'Cept Kenny Chesney's grown
He loves his little girls,
a hundred million records ain't bad

And all the girls say they wanna be like Dolly
Pardon me but I think it's Sheryl Crow
If you ask me I say screw all
watching you spin with Sawyer Brown
Even Jo Dee Messina's shaking her hips and all of her red
But if George Strait starts dancing somebody shoot me in
that shit makes me sick. 
And that ole Kenny Chesney, 
What a hypocrite. 

He'll swear he's country, 
But he lives in the Caribbean. 
Sings all
thinks I'm sexy
I really turn him on
My name is Kenny Chesney
This ain't nowhere I belong

Me and Tim's in trouble 
Buddy one thing is for sure
a dream, I'm afraid of what it is
You're never gonna see me on a horse after this
I only get one call, I hope that Faith is home

My cellmate thinks I'm
Oh yea

I fell in love with a country girl
A city kid in a different world

She liked country living and acoustic guitars
And Kenny Chesney in
black teen
I used to dream, of bein a architect
Easier said than done, believe me it's hard to get
Out of the projects, without forgettin where you
Writer Kenny O'Dell

My baby makes me proud, Lord don't she make me proud She never makes a scene by hanging all over me in
Love Has Come of Age
Kenny Loggins
(This Is It)

The many times you've learned the lines
That love has spoken
So easily you love to leave
I have never heard this song by Kenny Rogers, and as far as I know a man named Tom Jans wrote it. The only person I have ever heard sing this song is
of the projects, without forgettin' where you came from
My parents told me from day one
Finish school and avoid all obstacles
But my environment, makes it so
Written by Kenny Loggins and M. Manchester. 

Whenever I call you friend
I begin to think I understand
Anything we are
You and I have
How 'bout ya show me what kind of cowboy you are?

Are you a Kenny tequila, Buffet margarita
Or an Alan Jackson hurricane?
Are you a good time,
I see the grass beneath me
I smell the winter sky
And think to myself
Don't pass me by
You dance in strange conditions with strangers
for it all down at the grand Ole Opry
You can go walkin' through the Hall of Fame
And one by one, remember the names
Willie Nelson, Jimmy Rodgers,
Written by Kenny Loggins and M. Manchester. 

Whenever I call you friend
I begin to think I understand
Anything we are
You and I have
throw your hands up in the air 
BDP rockin' without no fear 
So Kenny Parker if you know what time it is 
Throw the funky fresh beat in like this
Ha ha  hah hah! Da doo doo doo  do doo 
You want to test me are you stupid? 
Gotta be out of your FUCKIN mind 
KRS One is the DON  seen? 
(Joan Jett/Kenny Laguna/Bob Halligan/Ricky Byrd)

Black streak on the boulevard
Another place they don't let you stay
White rain fallin' cold-n-hard
At the video shop
Let me fly, fly you away
From all of the depression in you head
Caused by all the living in the red

I've got a bootleg version of Citizen
Fuck is y'all sayin' I've been heard them lies
Lookin' for the truth, you can look me in my eyes
See I'm hunnit proof
I watch you marks make
shake it, shake it)
It's out of sight
It's all right!
So let me get you a cold Red Stripe!


I didn?t mean
To cause a scene
Make anyone