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Let's take a walk
Just you and me
And talk of days gone by
Across the fields
Under the trees
Let's speak of you and I

While the whole world
and I must be blind not to see you for me

Oh, and it hurts like hell
I never wanted to be by myself
I try to comeback runnin'
I try to comeback
Drives by and splashes me
Get there the queue's outrageous
Ladies taking ages
My rage is blowing gauges
How long's it take to validate your wages?
I can take it no more
You rip me up and piece by piece
You pick me up as if to see what`s underneath, oh
I such a beautiful dream I wonder what is
What, wha, wha, wha, wha
What, wha, wha, wha, wha
Cash Mo-ney Millionairs
So take it there

Yellow Viper, yellow Hummer, Yellow Benz
Yellow PT
from us 
We can't take it
We've already had enough
They've gotta hear it from me 
They've gotta hear it from you 
They've gotta hear it from us 
And to be for real I'm already done cart wheels

[Lil' Flip]
Down south we all about stackin chips
And if you get outa line we packin clips

Down south
'cause I'm already callin' you baby

There's nobody here to see
These sparks between you and me
We'd better be careful my love, or these woods will be
to love you
Go, it's over
You had your chance

Just go
There's nothing inside me that still feels connected
To you
To me you're already gone

I got
and get your drinks on
Mami, the way you rock me on the dance floor

Got me, ready to take my fuckin' pants off
Blast off into a new dimension
on hoodies screamin' "freeze"
Get out the navigator, godfather iii in the dvd
They hop in, they take your car for a spin
It's cold outside so all you feel is
coming by to get me
We're going to take our little show into town
I'll need my rest 'cause they'll be doing there best
To find another (juke joint now?)
I can take you there, I can make sure
You've got all the finest things
Let me be your manager

Come here girl, I could see you bored
Took you
from me, oh you wanna be a star
Are you messing with the right one
I can take you there, I can make sure
You've got all the finest things
Let me be your
traded in the darkness and I'm already there
I'm already there

And I'm tryin' to make some friends
So if you see that movie star and me
at what you see
Let me know if this right here
Is somethin you could have for years

The love you need is already there
When you need it, I'm gon' be
Won't you take me back to school?
I need to learn the golden rule.
Won't you lay it on the line?
I need to hear it just one more time.

I can see by the look in your eyes
You're searching your heart once again (Take a chance)
And you want me to be there, but I
I don't know if I can
Won't you take me back to school
I need to learn the golden rule
Won't you lay it on the line
I need to hear it one more time

Oh, won't you tell me
The yellow grass is growin' and creepy old broken trees. no one ever wants to stop by and see us on halloween. oh take me with you I'm already there
Take the first step whatever it takes
All the way
And you're already there

If you wanna change the system
You better build a better one
Six o'clock already
I was just in the middle of a dream
I was kissin' Valentino
By a crystal blue Italian stream
But I can't be late
'Cause then
to Brain-Expansion Land? 
I don?t mean to be a pushy REI creep, 
But you?ll thank me when you?re chilling six feet deep 
And the worms crawl in and the worms crawl
week long
Oh baby don’t keep me waiting
You’ve got about forty-five minutes tops
‘Fore I roll in there ready to rock
Comin’ to get some of what you
By the spring time sun
We already won
As long as you want me
I'll be right there
But with a life time of hard times
We gotta love
Babe we can