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man you can't have no autograph


Nickatina says bust back first 
And by any means necessary don't get hurt
The five millimeter go good
beat that bitch up when I found out she lyin
Who she think I am? Saving Private Ryan?

Andre Nickatina--
I make the town move just by walkin on your
Andre Nickatina
Caught up in the rhyme like a dopef iend, freaky heater back the fuck up if you cut your broke dreams, I keep the 40 fo' shizzle
-Andre Nickatina
But moma my broken dreams came from fabulous schemes
I get it poppin like a pistol girl to get you on the team
Here's a telogram I like my
are very malignant..."

Ay-ay, Ay-ay (Saaf Bizzle)
Ay-ay, Ay-ay (Saaf Bizzle, Nickatina) Yo
Mothafucka in here with some real Nickatine
to the den Andre Nickatina all in A NIGGA MAKING DIKES WANT DICKS AGAIN :)The ace of spades, shit can get colder than a glacier But sweeter than them licorice
Purrfect Storm

-Andre Nickatina
Man you can picture my perfection from the purple in the paper
Get it popin 'cause its poppin
Put the pimpin in
[Verse 1 - Andre Nickatina]
Picture a blind man that can't see
Meaning the beauty he's supposed to see
God it can't be
I thizz alone like a snake,
they're still staring in my grill like dentures
I fuck with Brotha Lynch's and Andre Nickatina's
Tote forties, four-fours, tens, and even Nina's
I be
Oh God
Andre Nickatina & Equipto

It's two for the money
I'm through with the funny actin hoes
They sharin each other clothes
The game run
Ate Miles From The City of Dope

-Andre Nickatina
Its been a cold winter
That means heat for a real Sinner
Who wanna live like a bread winna
I fly
Verse 1: Andre Nickatina

The homie said, now we can chalk em like rocky if ya cocky when you knock me
Do it till we slap you or atleast until you

(andre nickatina)
Put the phone on ya but it's the booty call
And I'm comin' ta bust nuts on all ya'll
And I'm out
in the mision
Muthafuckas thought andre was going to listen
But my detroit roots told me hit em with the piston
Rip the compositions
What was yo
Pieces Of A Broken Man

-Andre Nickatina
I got a habit like a crazy lady
I've been an addict since the late 80's
I got tha soul of a crack baby
I get
Andre Nickatina "Crackin' Like Pastachio's"

Here is my cridentials
It's sumthin so essential
Get the pad, I'll get the pencil
Doin' doughnuts like
I'm still standin..
This for the rap gods..

I tried to earn wings but, I think I grew horns
And maybe that's why mc's rock me like porn
more struggle and strife
From a Buick to a Beamer, ambitions of a dreamer
Motivated by Mob Figaz and Andre Nickatina
I'm gettin' paper while you're in
Da Whip

-Andre Nickatina
Sittin on leather that's all
Better than the cow that it came from
I like to go fast I like to blow hash
You like a women
Andre Nickatina
Tina Terry
Horns and Halos

I use to slither like a snake
Forget the chit chatter it really didn't matter if the other bitch

I'm Serious, like Steady be
I dip a Cadillac like Freddy be
I talk to these ladies like Schooly D
Cause I can't have these ladies foolin'
the place to be)
(Andre 3000 (cash) shout out to public housin') (bitch)
(I brought the whole hood with me)
You got red dirt in your Afro
(Young Hov' in
caught me yet
Goin ninetyyyy on the freeway chokin
Ain't no mystery to the weed we smokin
Andre nickatina said show me some styles
And check this out freak
Er camble, I ramble and gamble and scramble
The whole architect of this beat
Check this out you little ol freak

When I was 12
I was told by
How should I start? I'm so confused
By now I'm sure you heard the news
Cats I got workin' on the block,
Got a plot for me to stop
In my heart, I