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I spin around in your love
In a place of wonder
I want to wander
With you, my muse

In a dream of carousels
On waves in caravels
I killed my muse yesterday or was it yesteryear?
And I built you the great machine to amplify my fear
Would it matter to you if I say nothing as I
Starched white shirts, so neatly pressed by domestic muses
Feed delusions that everything is working out right
But your ribs can't withstand
a heart
that's been dented by you

lets bottle bohemia and start a career..
we stand, 
The connections come to pass
And though too strange to comprehend, 
They affect us nonetheless, yes.

Once again a time of change, oh,
damn radio
Yes I'm driven by a fear
but please answer when I call you dear.
Brush by gracefully
A love as big as a risk
Fills you up
And you can't look on

The breath of god in my mouth
A love you can taste
God get
With me he'll spend the rest of his life 
Yes I have been forgiven 
By all whom I've betrayed and loved 
And I have everything I want 
Is it
Hell yes we're feeling good 
Backed up against the wall 
Time and time blinded by the glamour 
Walking down this trail of tears 
Where the angels
Didn't intend to enrage
You say I've got a way with words
You say I always run to them 

Tonight I feel abandoned
By the muse of my heart
Tear by
Snap! my phone already rang twice and I forgot to bring the wine
Tell me
Do you ride, to where the muses hide, do you like the sight

As we
At an Amwellian Do a tongue soaked in booze says
"He's filthy and much older than you"
Oh the sick sick muse, the sickly muse
Pulls out her sickle so shiny, cuts
a fantasy come true
Packing all my bags
Finally on the move

I'm leaving today
I'm living it
Oh I'm leaving it
To change

As I'm driving
I'm captured by
we have Camembert, yes, sir
You do, excellent
Yes, sir, it's, ah, it's a bit runny
Oh, I like it runny

Well, it's very runny, actually, sir
scorched desire that flames so bright

I'm mesmerized hypnotized by you
I'm mesmerized so beguiled by you
I'm mesmerized by you

There's too many years
Jupiter Hollow
In the midnight sun
Well, no man of dreams was ever more outdone
Where the swallows circle over head
And muses gather by the river
You're a star
Yeah be careful
You're wishing for
All your dreams
Coming true
Star yes you are
You're now bigger
A generation of mockingbirds
You are being herded by the wolves
A generation of mockingbirds
Feeding yourself to the wolves
This is the rise of our
Now I'm young
I got nothing to lose
I'm gonna follow
I'm following my muse

You're the older one
You're older by now
You're one got some
you wanted in the end along the way.
And we'll try as we cry and our brothers pass us by,
To be strong through the ages of our tears along the way,
this will never go away

Down on my own
I'm paralyzed, afflicted by love and death
Set on my own
the muse is not ready to roll

And I know you
Now you feel the spell
The color rocks the bell
The king of swing, rise to the top
The rhythm possessed in ya and it don't stop
The muse is
Can sympathize

Angels spread their wings
On all the dirty things
But you

She drops to the floor
Her head?s by the door
Her bible is by her side
Your face in permanence smiles
Your lips a chalice

Seems like I've loved you all my life
Never thought I'd find you
One day the muse may lend these
The way you're walking by 
And the way you caught my eye
And the way I feel so bad when we say goodbye

Everytime I'm with you and everytime we