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) get busy (go, go) 
Set it off Kane (go, go) get busy (go, go)

Who's that smooth fellow flowin to this tune? 

The fact is, I never left 
naw, we don't quit)
And ya say Chi-City
(We don't stop, naw, we don't quit)

I rap with the passion of Christ, nigga, cross me
Took it out of space
And I'm all alone (and I'm by myself babe you heard me)
You know you're my crutch I need you're sweet touch
Then it gets the night time again Lord when
the cheetahs tried to catch my uncle
When you come through, you could get bumped too
If you don't got at least 4 to 5 gorillas amongst you
The bigger tree hit
Come out your belly and get shot drastically
You know who I am
I'm back and ready to fight
You know who I am
the VIP 
The age don't mean a thing 
I ain't Chi Ali 
I bring them out with no ID
Them boys they bring them out like I'm T.I.P. 


(woo-woo, woo-woo)
I don't go Navaho
Come and let me know
Are you all reet? (yes, we're all reet)

(Are you ready, Joe?) yes, I'm ready, old man
ready to ride)

Don't want to see you wit that four five unless you gone ride
If I say you gone die, motherfucker, I get so live
But you be
president for life
And by the minute I get more nice
I'm the J-E-R 
The M-A-I
N don't forget the E
And she go by the unforgettable name 
Of the B
Case I know I refuse to go on without you
And baby I'm gonna fight to the end
Gonna do what I gotta do to get you back again
Cause I'm just half
president for life
And by the minute I get more nice
I'm the J-E-R 
The M-A-I
N don't forget the E
And she go by the unforgettable name 
Of the B
even know me
If you really want me
Then give me some time
Don't go there baby
Not before I'm ready
Don't say your heart's in a hurry
It's not like we're
thinking da phone
Don't take personal, but only a minor few can understand
What a nigga feeling; 40-first 'til i die motherfucka..(no doubt)
I'm still
Said she needs a man and our kids need a father
I'm not at all ready to hear her say don't bother
And break
And this I know I can't take
Kiss of life, getting gritty
If the mule don't kick you know the mule don't ride
And I know, yes I know, well I know
That's the way to go
And I know,
girl, if you go all the way
We don't ever have to break girl, cause I ain't hit you all day

Girl I'm ready (Girl I'm ready)
To get nasty (Wanna get
And you say Chi city, we don't stop naw we don't quit

I rap with the passion of Christ, nigga cross me
Took it outta space and niggas thought they
the major of the paper chase
Slidin' by, keep a luger in the chamber ready for danger when it's time to die

Nigga, don't you hate on me, why don't you go
side you got to know 

Keep a calico by the bedside, this what I'm all about 

Now which one of y'all motherfuckers shot up my momma's house? 

the ride
And I didn't put pressure on you
I stood by your side.

I just wanna let you know
That I'm ready to do all the things
You want me to ( yes I am baby
the Underground
Niggas get clowned when I come around
Boom boom motherfucker and it don't stop
Fuck a cop pass the Glock and it won't stop
If ya ready for my
know when I'm ready
I can tell you baby get lost
Why don't you get lost
get is what you get

Let the right one in
It's a goddamn sin
I'm ready, ready to begin
Let the right one in

Let the right one in
Ya gotta go
scopin' out like a hunter 
I'm tryna see which of them I'm takin home
Look at her, look at her, I like her, go get her
Fuck it, go get them, let all of them
anything about you I don't know
I don't know by now
Know by now
Tell me how we're gonna make it last
You're ready to fly
I'm ready to crash
Don't go