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grab your yellow rose 
And sing another song of Texas, this is how it goes

One more stupid song about Texas
   For miles and miles it rambles
Girl you were always my yellow rose
And I was your one lone star
We always said
Together till death do us part

We had a love bigger than Texas
Joly Blon
You can sing about them pretty gals down in Tennessee
You can sing your song about that Yellow Rose of Texas
But the one by the Powder River
rose like the yellow rose of Texas
Ain't no freedom like the last day of school
Ain't no whiskey like Tennessee Whiskey
And there ain't no woman like you
sell your apartment, and I'll shake off my load
We'll take it down to Texas where we'll kiss that yellow rose
And find ourselves some loving in solid
never would have supposed that your sweet yellow rose
Could've up and wilted so soon
Good-bye Abilene I leave my everything
To the care of the West Texas
Flex at the grammy
Boss player from Texas, you could tell by the necklace
We gone break these hoes on four's now we frozen the Lexus
My protected,