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Finally! I get to teach a whole lesson all by myself!
And I'm gonna teach something relevant, something
Modern --
In our country got its start
By a yellow man

And the leader with a pen
Signed his name to free all men
Was a white man

We pledge allegiance
All our
Flowers faded, dull and cold, now bleached by atmosphere
Creatures twisting under trees, huge monsters soaked with rage
Hidden deep below our earth,
By horse, by rail, by land, by sea, our journey starts
Two men incensed by one man's journey from the past
In Iceland, where the mountain stood
By horse, by rail, by land, by sea, our journey starts
Two men incensed by one man's journey from the past
In Iceland, where the mountain stood
deer tags
Then a light went off and I started to grin
I remembered about my big grain bin
We started fillin' up 50 pound bags
Of them yellow acorns

In the year of the dragon lots of men disappear
Quiet as it's kept they won't be back next year

Late at night the light was bright on the [ave]
Dolphins frolic by the shore

And the phone never rings when the pirates are singing
Well there's 16 men on a dead man's chest
In this hallucination
With yellow eyes  my green face  my pink and white afro 
I'm no toy kid  your style is made by Hasbro 
G'niff gnapp  you think you got that real
the sky
Demons with false tongues and bright yellow eyes
With his flesh being torn, by haunts and ghosts
With a flock of ??????? and unicorns
The monster in
loose and all my thoughts were turning black
You shined a light on me and I intend to pay you back

But I still wake up shaken by dreams
And I hate
Cathy's staying in to make sure nothing happens
All aboard the freak parade
I cover up my head and pray
I'm praying for the light

Down amongst the old
of monsters without brains 
Great hulks to block their treasure trail 
Well, they got by with homicide but here's the end to the magic spell:

at the neck.
Colours came back in green and yellow and in red.

Unemployed cowboys
Staggered on Fairfax.
Trucks pulled up and fifteen men hollered
came on
And into the morning light
Sweet William said I'm troubled in my head
By the dreams that I dreamed last night

Such dreams such dreams as these
of mind
A salute to the end of the world
And a beautiful end for you girl

Because all night I've been picking fights with the fur men
And the bar
I'll be the fox by the road I am
Enormous and evolved.
A predatory mass, in the dark I am unseen
Me dripping oil from my tail and
My eyes are
the eiderdown.

The druids read the smoke and sand;
Told her that she would love again.
The rhythms from the wolfskin drums
Called men to war in hide
Jacob and sons
Jacob, Jacob and sons
Jacob, Jacob and sons
Jacob, Jacob, Jacob
Jacob and sons

Red, yellow, green, brown
Scarlet, black, ocher, peach
on down
Get your feet back on the ground
Narcissus in a red dress
You're like all the rest, miss

Blinded by your own reflection
Let the lights direct
a separate storage bin
Excellent boyfriend

Use intercourse to settle scores with women who have been vendettas towards men
Dickhead is forced in
specialize in misconstruing
We wanna be at a presidential level, what are we doing?
Fooling our self, clowning our self, playing our self
By not being our
He send me letters telling me how grown men be crying
When they surrounded by rapists with lustful eyes in
The belly of the beast where they don't
shitty old boozers
We can be grown men, listening to music
Real music. Played with heart by real bands
Not just posers looking like they’re
and yellow men, junkies in popularity
Culture so independent, vultures scavenge reality
Past feeling depravity to kings social cavity
Prey on human ignorance,