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only time will tell, but until then I'll be stackin' my mail
by album album sells, Magnolia wear dwells
I love them bricks, I love the ghetto hoes
Tell em boy come and get me
They been bumpin for some minuets
They some bitches evidently
MY city represents me like fifty thousand albums
They eat it up
the feminine praise
In conjunction with no chocolate in the mix
White boy Roy cannot feel it
But the first to try and steal it
Dilute it, pollute it, kill it
by Soulja Boy
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like the boy
Ill take em to the black door give em the dick
she screaming that she been her before
Its like the five o'clock traffic jam we in the mix
a candle like Mariah, I'm so fire
When I step in the club, get low!, like Flo Rider
Cause I'm a Pimp
You can tell by the limp
When I step aside
Whodini disappeared and Doug E. Fresh went stale
And I think Sir Mix-A-Lot got into some bad ale
The Fat Boys broke up and then one of 'em died
And when I